The Most Elegant French Twist Hairstyles

French twist hairstyles can become your choice for any event. They are perfect alternative to the simple updos and top knots and once you learn how to style them, you will stick to them forevever. French style of twist is very elegant. It is quite womanly. You are free to wear it to work for strict looks. You are free to wear it to a date and look flirty. You can wear it to a red carpet event and shine like a diamond. Among updo hairstyles these very ones stand out.


Following this post you will see that they do have many variations appropriate for any occasion in your life. So here we go to contemplate the most elegant hairstyles now.

Wedding French twist hair


Actually, I know well enough that the trends are changing constantly. And the new tendencies love all the way natural looks. Even for brides now hairstylist offer relaxed waves and simple updos. However, who said the elegance is left in past. French twists are among the most appropriate weeding hairstyles. Add a jewel piece to make it look even better.



Sure, hair accessories are good and very suitable for glamorous wed looks. But what happens with the mentioned twisted hair looks is that they are incredible on their own. So much femininity can hardly be seen on any other styles. You wedding look are condemned to awesomeness if you go for French styles.

Diverse French twist hairstyles


Curly haired women can afford themselves no hair straightening. Look at the above curly French twist hairstyles. Aren't they cute with those coils on the top?


Your twist can be a traditional wrapped one, or you can make two sides meet in the center and form a nice and more casual variant of the classic look.


Catwalks keep on being the most profound source of inspiration. Of course, twists never passed them by. The above pictures show classy wrapped variants, one with side bangs, the other swept back. So if you have bangs, this will be a nice choice too.

Refined elegant French twists

polished-and-messy-french-twist-hair delicate-french-twist-hair

What makes French twists hair so fabulous is not only the variety. Some of the styles leave unforgettable impressions indeed.Like the extremely polished and well-combed and accurately styled ones, where each hair seems to be right in its place. Or on the contrary - the messy twists, that look more romantic and can be a goo fit for your daily looks.