Modern African Hairstyles 2015: Head Wraps

Modern hair accessories are very diverse and some are really precious and nice. But do they have some meaning? Do they have some spirit? For sure some designer collections  like the Spanish inspired Dolce & Gabbana collection, where Guido Palau hairstyles with flower hair accessories that reflected the passionate Spanish soul, but on the whole we can wear scarves and flowers, headbands and jewel hair pieces that just look cute. But for African hairstyles head pieces have unique meaning. The huge colorful African headdresses were once meant for kings and queens and notorious women only, and nowadays they reflect the past and perfectly merge into modern fashion life. African hairstyles 2015 with head wraps are the hairstyles that will not only look amazing, but will save your time.

african hairstyles and head wraps 2015

The reasons to choose head dress fro African hair type are many. And before we come to discuss them get ready for a magnificent journey through popular hairstyles pictures with colorful head wraps, that will amaze you and inspire to try them once, even if you are not African woman.

Colorful head wrap African hairstyles

Violet african head wrap hairstyles 2015 Blue african head wrap hairstyles 2015

The number one reason to start using head wraps is for sure the difficult hair type of black women. The dizzy hair is sometimes hard to deal with, well, not only sometimes, and if one morning you feel totally stressed, you will have at hand wonderful solution. Just choose the right head wrap.

Red african head wrap hairstyles 2015 Green african head wrap hairstyles 2015

Secondly, head dress can be considered protective hairstyles for black women. If you are not in the mood of creating box braids and twists, such hair accessories will save your time and efforts and cover hair defending from environmental influence.

Glamorous head wrap African hairstyles 2015

Elegant african head wrap hairstyles 2015

Colorful african head wrap hairstyles 2015

Nonetheless, we can't forget about ethnic and cultural meaning of scarf head pieces. It will show oof your knowledge of your roots and history and make you look smart and modern.

Stylish head scarves for African hairstyles

Stylish african head wrap hairstyles 2015

Head wraps are perfect hair accessories for modern black women, that have the problem with dizzy hair. Besides if you choose colorful scarves and accompany them with funky outfit, they will look very stylish and trendy.

Modest African hairstyles and head wraps

Modest african head wrap hairstyles 2015 One-color african head wrap hairstyles 2015 Sensual african head wrap hairstyles 2015

While the most characteristic African head wraps are very colorful and bright like the summer colors, some women come to choose very sufficient colors and designs, that make them look elegant and conservative, Such head pieces will fit women of all nationalities.

Bright head wrap African hairstyles 2015

bright red african head wrap hairstyles 2015 Huge african head wrap hairstyles 2015

And here are some one-color head wraps. The bright red one can be worn in every day life, while this golden color huge head wrap is very typical and national and you can have it only for some events of specialized character.