MFW Runway Hairstyles SS16

NYFW and LFW have introduced us several tendencies in hairstyling for spring summer season, however it is Milan Fashion Week with its collections SS16 that seems to have definitely stated the main hair trends 2016. Yes, that is the bare truth, though we still have ahead the final beauty chart in the Big Four list - the Paris Fashion Week, we can now already shape the mainstream tendencies - the natural hairstyles for black women, short cut and easy to maintain; the wet effect hairstyles, both tender and sensual; the center parted hairstyles, easy and cute; messy hairstyles, with bed-head effect; and on the whole the trend of wearing long hairstyles in the coming hottest seasons.

MFW best hairstyles 2016

While many of us find inspiration in celebrity looks, I must say the the runway shows in Milan turned out to be the real embodiment of beauty and style that can be easily copied by all of us. And the popular hairstyles in first place are worth paying attention to and considering for the spring time.

MFW center parted hairstyles SS16

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Long hairstyles have never gone out of fashion, and I suppose will never go. Just they live through a new epoch in their development. There were time when hairstyles for long tresses were quite complicated and required skills and efforts to style them all the time. But the extremely busy world and lack of time for working woman, did their job, and now have brand new long hairstyles, just center parted, that makes them trendy. All you need is to have freshly washed hair, and dry it a bit.

Center braid on long hairstyles from Milan runways

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Well, creativity always finds its way and even among the simplest trends for styling hair, you can be the one with a small touch that will change everything, For straight center parts it can be the central braid, that will look quite impressive.

Messy hairstyles from MFW SS16

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While some designer support wet effect hairstyles, so sleek and thin, while the others go for straight long hair, we found some looks that are really amazing - the messy hairstyles, cut asymmetrically, with bangs that are messy too. Aren't they fresh enough for spring beat?

Milan Fashion Week Updos SS16

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What about updo styles? We are all talking about wearing long hair and the diversity of styles to choose then, but we seem to be fixed on loose hairstyles, straight and casual. Still, nobody said that updo hairstyles are out of fashion. No, they are here and we still can adore them, and learn how to style.

Braids from MFW

Gucci Hairstyles 2016

Well, the braids do not seem to be mainstream as compared with center parts loose hair, but still they are spotted here and there. And you can still have them.

Side swept hairstyles from Milan

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And here are some cute ideas for side hairstyles, in case you want to be different from the crowd of center parted hairstyles. Do not forget about hair accessories fro spring, to look fresh and beautiful.

Roberto Cavalli Hairstyles 2016