Flirty Half Top Knots Hairstyles 2017

If you have the length slightly overpassing the short, then you are  the right place. Here we will have a look at one of the trendiest directions in hairstyling - half updos. The traditional updo hairstyles are gradually replaced by more casual and easy way to wear mane. The flirty half top knots hairstyles 2017 will definitely look trendy in the coming year. Actually, they gained much popularity last summer. There are many doubt around why they have suddenly become so popular. One of the opinion is that women have become too lazy to style hair. That can be true indeed. In this world when we have only 24 hours for hundreds of things, hair may not always have our time.


Generally speaking, if you seek for a hair look that will be easy to create, that will look awesome, and last long, below is a collection of half hairdos. You will fall in love with them once you try, I judge from my own experience.

Amazing celebrity half bun updos


This star is not the only one in the list of those who have turned attention to half udpos. However, this neat and polished hairdo of hers is really inspiring, It say that the casual look may convert into something more.

Casual half knots hairdos



There is something more you can make out of your tresses. Looking for a trendy look? Here you go with half top knots hairstyles 2017 Or you want even more? Then I have a good solution for you - go for pastel hair colors. You know, that the recent fashion shows and fashion capitals were full of these fabulous colors. So why don;t dare try them in combination with a half 'do.

Long bob and half top knots hairstyles 2017

lob-hair-half-knots-2017 street-look-half-knots-hairstyles-2017


Here is what you have been looking for. I bet that after the mass trend of bob haircuts, many of us now face one and the same problem - overgrown bob What to do with it? Well, you can cut it again, and again. And again. Or leave it as it is and enjoy your new lob hairstyles. The length is nothing but perfect to ceate the cute half knots.

Long hairstyles and half knots



As you can see, these easy and cute hairstyles can be implemented on any hair length and also on any hair type. They look just smashing on naturally wavy hair. Still, there is some strictness in straight looks too. In a word, in the coming year the top knots will rock!