Best Celebrity Party Hairstyles 2016

As the well known advert's song, I will repeat - Holidays are coming. And sweet scent of the Christmas Turkey and ginger cookies seems to be all around. Now it is high time you have chosen you own set of holiday hairstyles. And the what can be a better inspiration than not very complicated cute celebrity party hairstyles. From the singers, to actresses, from models to designers, today we will take a look at the gallery of perfect and simple holiday hairstyles. You know well enough that it is not only about Christmas and New Year eve, but about more than a week of parties and celebrations, so having in mind several fantastic popular hairstyles will help you look perfect during all the winter holidays.

Celebrity Holiday Hairstyles 2015

No doubt that the main accent is put over long hairstyles, as hair trends 2016 have them as favourite ones. Do not go too complicated for party looks, everything should be easy and chic at the same time. How can it be? Let´s scroll down and see!

Holiday Updos for 2016

Cara Delevingne Holiday Hairstyles 2016 Kendall Jenner Holiday Hairstyles 2016

Imagine yourself on the day after the Christmas! Will you be able to make a sophisticated hairstyle and go on celebrating? I am not that sure/ That is why the simple high bun and or the half bun hairstyles can be a good solution to hide your unwillingness to waste time on hair and also the untidy hair.

Alexa Chung Holiday Hairstyles 2016 Selena Gomez Holiday Hairstyles 2016

To create romantic hairstyles for a special day during your winter holidays, you can try one of the above. A low bun or a ponytail done on wavy hair to look more girlish, some strands left out, all will create the perfect atmosphere of the new year coming. By the way complete your image with red lipstick, to look more like Christmas.

Braids hairstyles for holidays

Jessica Hart Holiday Hairstyles 2016

Elegant Holiday Hairstyles 2016

Braids are something that can't be left out no matter what trends and occasion we are discussing. For party looks make the crown braids, if your hair is with highlights, then it will look awesome. And also try this new trend of a low braided twist, it is very fresh and modern.

Oscar de la Renta low ponytails

Low ponytail Holiday Hairstyles 2016

For the most laziest ones of us, the great designer has thought of a low loose ponytail the main advantage of which is the bow. For Christmas you can choose not black color.

Celebrity loose party  hairstyles

Sara Sampaio Holiday Hairstyles 2016 Rosie Huntington Whiteley Holiday Hairstyles 2016

Well, gorgeous mane is worth appraisal and boosting, so why not show everyone you perfect tresses. Not everyday for sure. But choosing a special day whithin the holidays, you can go on creating the loose bouncy waves. Keep in mind that among the trends we should mention side swept hairstyles, that mostly catch attention now.

Léa Seydoux Party Hairstyles 2016Gwen Stefani Holiday Hairstyles 2016

Holiday hair accessories

Hair accessories 2016

Hair accessories are either for the beauty bunnies or for the laziest ladies who just put on head some cute hair piece and go out. For Christmas the most popular hair accessories are this cute jewel pins. be sure to obtain some.

Cara Delevingne New Year hairstyles

Or just do nothing with your hair, put some bright red lipstick, mess up your hair a bit, and here you are with Cara's sexy hairstyle.