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Paris Haute Couture Week Hairstyles Fall Winter 2015

Haute Couture is a magical story that goes through decades now and keeps on surprising us with outstanding images each tome. Paris Haute Couture Week representing collections for Fall Winter 2015 season is indeed unique. Originally Haute Couture is a term used to describe high fashion, the divine embodiments seen on the runways, and not many fashion houses had the right to use this term, cause it means only clothing, make up and hairstyles fitted for a specific person only. Nowadays we have Haute Couture week and I want to turn your attention to models hairstyles 2015 Fall Winter. Looking through the magnificent stories seen in each single model image, we can still separate the main hair trends 2015 among them

Paris Haute Couture Hairstyles FW15

The tendency for natural hairstyles 2015 is still here seen in collection for fall and winter. Center parted long wavy hairstyles, easy and simple updos, a bit of vintage looks. All you need to recreate the popular hairstyles from runways is having long hair, that is healthy and well taken care of. Now do not linger to have a look at Haute Couture hairstyles pictures right now and right here. (more…)

Sexy Top Knot Hairstyles for Men 2015

At the very beginning of times, men wore long hairstyles and everybody felt comfortable. Then trends changed very abruptly towards short manly hairstyles and wearing long hair was already not acceptable. Long hairstyles for men were worn only by very few people that were not included in high society. However as times change, the hair trends 2015 for men have introduced us some long hairstyles. And I must say that they look very masculine. The main touch for these hairstyles for men is for sure the beard that during the recent seasons keep on being highly trendy. Well, if we consider mens long hairstyles with perfectly shaved face, it may look a bit confusing, especially with hair styled into a trendy updo. But these extra stylish top knot hairstyles for men for fall 2015 are all accompanied with beards and they look very manly and sexy.

mens hairstyles top knots 2015

Celebrities, models and common mens hairstyles are gathered in this post devoted to top knots for men. They can be low and high, and with shaved sides, where only crown part is left long. Do not hesitate to scroll down and see the new tendencies for men top knots. (more…)

Jazzy Mohawk Hairstyles for Black Women

mohawk hairstyles for black women 1

Dry frizzy hair, impossibility to manage it and create some nice hairstyles without efforts, hours spent on straightening hair, or on making box braids. Is it familiar? Yes, I am talking about natural hairstyles for black women and they naturally curly hair. On one side African American hair is thick and deep black that is fascinating, but on the other hand it turns out quite problematic to invent hairstyles that will look trendy and stylish, and will be easy to create. And here come the awesome Mohawk hairstyles for black women, that have all the advantages needed for each modern woman, and what matters most they are unique. Wherever you appear with your statement Mohawk hairstyle you will catch eyes. Besides Mohawk can be of so many variations that you are free to choose your own style.

Mohawk hairstyles 2015

As hair trends 2015 and natural hair looks go along together, you may want to boost your natural curls and make Faux hawks simply by pulling curls upwards. Or you can go further and have braided sides and curls at the place of Mohawk. And finally if you are that daring try to have a real Mohawk, the hairstyles of punks with shaved sides. Let’s find out more Mohawk pictures right now. (more…)

2015 BET Awards Celebrity Hairstyles

Each June in the middle of the hot summer time for fifteen years now we welcome BET awards. This is the awards aimed at distinguishing and honouring the success of smaller national groups in the world of music and arts. This year as the previous ones introduced us incredible looks by celebrities including their dresses, shoes, make up and of course celebrity hairstyles. Before coming to hairstyles, I'd like to comment the dress of Zendaya - it was amazing, extra mini, a bit transparent and all shining like e pure diamond. But we are here to consider 2015 BET Awards celebrity hairstyles, and here we go. First of all we must know that even though celebs stayed true to some general trends in hair styling, some of them came out with incredibly amazing styles out of trends.

BET Awards 2015 Celebrity Hairstyles

Basic direction were long hairstyles for sure, center parts and wavy side parts, but some were supremely cute like pixies, and box braids updos. So it is really worth to see and copy the popular hairstyles while summer is still here and trends haven't changed for fall 2015 (more…)

Main Hair Trends For Fall 2015

Last weeks the world of fashion was full of runway shows representing in New York City the best collections for Fall 2015. And it was not only about impressive modern outfit but about popular hairstyles too. Usually during fashion events we face futuristic, or hi-style and avant-garde hairstyles, but this time the models were wearing quite casual hairstyles that can really be applied in everyday life by common women. The main hair trends for Fall 2015 included one tendency that goes through the whole year – long hairstyles. All collections included hair solutions for long hair. The main directions were hairstyles with headbands, center parts, and deep side parted slicked hairstyles.

main hair trends for fall 2015

Another new tendency was wearing hair inside the sweater or jacket and having very low buns textured. Well, the looks from runways are quite inspiring and better not waste time but hurry up to see the fall hairstyles and try them out. (more…)

Runway Ponytail Hairstyles for Fall 2015

With autumn season approaching us we have already witnessed some most notorious runway shows representing main fashion trends for fall 2015. And what we will discuss today are the ponytails hairstyles. As the hair trends 2015 set last year, we can still feel the main tendency in all types of hairstyles: that is naturalness and easy-to-do principle. Even on the runway the model long hairstyles are designed very simple and cute. As for ponytails though at the catwalk we have seen many styles from messy to extra sleek and straight, there was one common general tendency - low ponytails. At the collections of Michael Kors and Dior and other the ponytails hairstyles were low and exquisite, that means that for fall 2015 hairstyles we witness ponytails convert from cheerful girlish hairstyle to delicate and sophisticated ones.

ponytail hairstyles for 2015 fall

If you do not believe me let's see now the hairstyles pictures and get inspired to get the most trendy looks for this autumn 2015 season. This season is going to look calm and elegant and very contrasting to summer looks. (more…)

July 4th Kids Hairstyles 2015

It's been a while that I have been considering the national holidays and what hairstyles to wear during the patriotic events. For grown-ups it seems to be not very important but you have got kids these days and creating patriotic hairstyles can turn into real ordeal. To avoid that, let's prepare beforehand and look through some most amazing July 4th kids hairstyles 2015 that will make you life easier. With this stars and stripes braids and twists and buns and ponytails you will be able to create cute kids hairstyles for Independence day and make your kid look fantastic at the vents that are usually organized and children's gardens and schools.

patriotic kids hairstyles 2015

The most popular hairstyles for July 4th are the stars of all kinds that are accompanied with American Flag ribbons. Stars can be created with twists or braids or just part hair in the form of patriotic star and add the three-color strands to your cute baby's hair. Let's se some kids hairstyles pictures to get ready for the great day. (more…)