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Beauty & Hair Trends For Spring 2015

beauty and hair trends 2015

Now that we are almost passing the New Year, the spring time seems closer and we can already talk about the beauty and hair trends 2015!

In this article I am going to introduce you not only hairstyles 2015 as it usually happens, but to discuss on the whole the beauty tendencies. We have spoken many times that popular hairstyles in coming season will be long hair and natural looks, and this concerns not only hairstyles but the whole looks. When it comes to make up it should be close to natural tones and just underline your inborn beauty. As for nails, no too bright colors, better go for skin tone colors. Besides, it will be very trendy in spring summer 2015 to keep fit and take care of your body, so be ready for fitness. Now lets see some hairstyles pictures and not only to be among the first to get ready for SS15. (more…)

Hair Trends 2015: Designer Hair Accessories

hair accessories 2015

Hair accessories have always been an important part of any women's beauty kit, now with long hairstyles coming back into fashion they seem to be more in favour.

Hair trends 2015 spread their influence not only on popular hairstyles but on hair accessories as well, that is why this year's Fashion Weeks introduced us marvellous hair accessories that are meant for casual life. Imagine, for daily use! Not futuristic and too glamorous designs but simple casual and elegant pieces that can be used in everyday life as well as for some official meeting. Yet we can't say that everything was that simple. At Fendi show for example everyone was impressed by the crocodile like leather hair accessory that turned the simple low ponytail into a unique design. At Dolce & Gabbana Spain inspired flowers made a real triumph on the runway and I am sure the glorious red flower hair accessories will walk down from the red carpet into the common people. (more…)

How To Match Berets & Hairstyles 2015

berets and hairstyles 2015

Hairstyles 2015 are not introduced alone but with various hair accessories we have already discussed and berets are among them.

From Fendi leather crocodile hair accessories to Dolce & Gabbana Spanish inspirational flower hair  accessories we see that having simple hairstyles combined with some chic element is very trendy. But we never talked about hats. Hair trends 2015 include also fall and winter season and that is why we need to know how to combine berets and hairstyles 2015. Berets are not only a way to keep head and ears warm, and to fight bad hair days but it is a way to show off your individuality, cause with berets any unimaginable combinations are possible. So try to have popular hairstyles paired with berets for the cold seasons. Robert Pattison girlfriend FKA twigs, Rihanna, Beyonce and many others already have their berets, so what about you? (more…)

Simple Hairstyles & Cute Hair Accessories 2015

hair accessories SS15

Hair accessories always are among the most popular stuff in any lady's beauty kit, no matter hair length and type, we can always find the cutest way to underline our hairstyles.

During Paris Fashion Week many critics just couldn't say a thing when seeing Céline collection with impressive and lovely floral prints, and above this what surprised the audience more were very simple hairstyles that are now accepted to be the hair trends 2015. Easy hairstyles close to natural looks were spotted through all the past fashion weeks we have talked about: London Fashion Week, NYFW, Milan Fashion week all introduced incredibly simple hairstyles for spring summer 2015. But the zest lies in details. Cute easy hairstyles accompanied with modern hair accessory make wonderful solutions for the coming SS15. And why only spring and summer? You can have those hair accessories right now for your 2014 fall/winter 2015 hairstyles. (more…)

Dolce & Gabbana Hairstyles 2015 And Spanish Hair Accessories

D&G hairstyles 2015 and hair accessories SS15

Milan Fashion Week has introduced us not only gorgeous collections of outfit, but make up ideas and also a lot of unforgettable hairstyles 2015 for spring and summer.

One of the most impressive hair trends 2015 that was spotted during the Italian fashion week was the Spanish inspired hairstyles collection by Guido Palau for Dolce & Gabbana show. As Guido mentioned ladies want to look soft and feminine and this is what he tried to create and succeeded. Relaxed and easy hairstyles were accompanied by gorgeous hair accessories that were tiaras and bright red flowers like roses. The hairstyles spoke greatly with the black and red Spanish dresses of the models and created the atmosphere of femininity taking back to the times when Sicily was ruled by Spanish Kingdom. Floral hair accessories for spring summer 2015 will indeed create the most popular hairstyles for the season. (more…)

Summer Wedding Hairstyles & Bridal Hair Accessories 2014

wedding hairstyles and bridal hair accessories for summer 2014

Ladies, we all know that hairstyles we wear now are different from the ones we had in winter. Popular hairstyles vary from season to season and to keep on trend we closely follow the tendencies. Well, not only the hair trends is the matter but women have nature seeking for changes and adventures all the time. I am talking not only about daily casual hairstyles, but also the ones meant for special events such as wedding. Yes! Wedding day is the most significant in a woman's life. All has to be in its place, accurate, smart and magnificent. Wedding hairstyles are a big part of the fuss. As far as we are living through summer, I'd like to talk about summer wedding hairstyles and bridal  hair accessories 2014 that will fit hot weather in particular. (more…)

Glamorous Summer Jewel Hair Accessories 2014

wedding jewel hair accessories 2014

Hair accessories is a smart way to underline your individuality and convert the most simple hairstyle into a piece of art. Hair accessories can be of different types that come to design the most popular hairstyles: head scarves, headbands, colourful ribbons, hair clips and brooches and for sure jewel hair accessories. There was time that grown-ups never wore shiny things to adorn hair, but nowadays this tendency is quite wide-spread. Jewel hair accessories perfectly fit formal hairstyles like wedding hairstyles, prom hairstyles and any other meant for special events. But besides they are very harmonious with summer hairstyles, that are relaxed and easy and some bright detail inspires them with modest charm and chic suitable for every day life. Here are some examples of glamorous summer jewel hair accessories 2014 to inject you with new ideas for summer looks. (more…)