Summer Hot Weather Hairstyles To Try

Girls, what we were all be waiting for is coming already! Just in a month summer will be here Though the weather is quite hot even now, and it is high time we learned summer 2017 hairstyles that will guide you through the long and happy beach days. Before getting to see the pictures, let's define which are the main tendencies. Well, first of all, as in all other cases, it is naturalness. No matter what style you choose make sure it fits your age, your skin tone, you natural hair texture. However, I want to say that summer is the time of crazy solutions. So feel free to play with your looks and be rebel!

best summer 2017 hairstyles

Below you will find 10 hottest hair trends for summer that will help you get unique look on each single day. No matter whether yo have long or short hair, curly or straight tresses, there is a special style meant for you.

#1 tiny braids

braided half updo hairstyles 2017 summer

Small tiny braids seem to be the hit of the season. The fashion week runways were the first to introduce models with mini braids. And now trend goes viral. This small touch really changes image.

#2 huge curls

curly hairstyles 2017 summer

Though it is summer and the heat is unbearable, long curls are trendy. But not the artificial ones, instead try to mess hair a bit, to create rebel disco look like from 90's.

#3 casual low bun

easy low bun hairstyles 2017 summer

Actually, for summer 2017 hairstyles the best ideas are simple and easy. Low bun s one of them. It is casual, yet can become elegant too.

#4 faux hawk hairstyles

faux hawk hairstyles 2017 summer

For the ladies that have some styling skills, here is a very original style for creating Mohawk. Actually, a faux hawk with braids and twists.

#5 half updos

half up wavy hairstyles 2017 summer

Last summer was the triumph period for half updos. And now they seem not to leave the stage. A perfect chance to show off hair length and to take it away from face.

#6 summer 2017 hairstyles - looped ponytail

looped ponytail hairstyles summer 2017

The easy going hairstyles reach their peak when it comes to loop tails. All you need to do is to create the regular ponytail but do not pass it through the ribbon on second loop.

#7 pinned bob hairstyles

pinned bob hairstyles 2017 summer

If you are wearing the trendy bob haircut, then here is anew way to handle it - pins. Just take a few bobby pins and create the fresh half up style.

#8 smooth fishtail braid

sleek fishtail hairstyles 2047 summer

The classy looks never fade away. Neither does the sleek fishtail.

#9 play with hair texture

wavy ponytail hairstyles 2017 summer

You can try to combine two textures in one hairstyle. Make it sleek and straight on the roots, and go crazy curly on the tail.

#10 wet effect hairstyles

wet hairstyles 2017 summer

Finally, wet hairstyles are perhaps the most popular and relevant for summer season.