Jazzy Dookie Braids Hairstyles You Will Want To Have

The old good dookie braids hairstyles are taken to the new level. Do you remember them? The on the go styles for school girls, to save mommies time and efforts. Always accompanied with huge and colorful school bows, they never attracted attention. Actually, we all know them but nowadays they are seen on grown up adult women. Why did they suddenly become so popular? The truth is that among all the various ways to wear protective hairstyles these are the easiest both to style and to wear. Imagine that instead of dozens of micro braids you will need to create just one dozen of huge kinky dookie braids. That will definitely change things and make life easier. Besides, such braids are easy to make a transition to an evening look from casual routine one. You can easily have them loose going to work, and get some updo to look more elegant at a cocktail at night.


Still in doubt abut the hairstyles being childish? Then let's scroll down to see some vibrant pictures that will obviously convince you that big braids rock.

Dookie braids and beads

short-dookie-braids-hairstyles gorgeous-black-women-dookie-braids

As far as we are about to get away from childish looks, we can also consider some essential hair accessories. For example, beads. Any kinky style will look much brighter when you add some metal or maybe silver beads into the strands. This will not only look like a style of an adult, but will be sexy and appealing too.

Impressive black dookie braids hairstyles

long-black-dookie-braids mid-length-dookie-braids

Another thing that you will see at the very fist sight when looking at dookie braids hairstyles is the baby hair. Yes, with huge braided strands, quite often the front just growing pit strands are left put.That creates a contradicting image of a woman that still has some kid inside. For sure, such a contrast is attractive.

Cool protective braids



I don't really mean that red lipstick is essential for dookie braids. But I do mean that they look awesome together. Look at the pictures above! The girls are so beautiful and eye-catching with the styles. Do not be afraid to experiment with styles too. Most often such protective hairstyles are thick a the roots, and the get slim at the ends. It gives some nice visual effect. But for short or medium length braids like bob hairstyles you better stick one thickness through all the length.