Impeccable Female Dreadlocks Hairstyles You Will Love

If you have been caught in the search of some unique look lately, you have found it right now - female dreadlocks hairstyles. Yes, that may sound and look a bit more than you were ready for. Still, dreads styles for women are not a rare thing nowadays and you are completely free to wear them. Besides, white women dreads are very versatility. Actually, people consider them relaxed rasta styles, but the truth is that your dreads can look very elegant depending on the way you wear them. First of all you will need to get them styled. It will take time. Be ready that you will spent several hours with your hair stylist before you will see the locked hair. The braided hairstyles of this type are actually protective styles, mainly meant t protect natural hair and provide their secure growth. But well, they are simply gorgeous.


Female dreads are non-formal hair looks. They simply reflect what you have inside, your inside emotions, your life vision. It means only one thing, you have to feel like wearing dreads, not just try them for a couple of days.

Long dreads for women

extra-long-female-dreadlocks-hairstyles female-dreadlocks-hairstyles

white-female-dreadlcoks-hairstyles long-dreadlocks-for-white-women

Before you get inspired and rush to the nearest hair salon to get the look, there are few things your should bear in mind. First of all, dreadlocks need care. th widely spread myth that dreads last long and require no care is absolute lie. Your locs will need daily care like oiling roots, cause dreadlocks are heavy and strain the scalp. Besides, you will need to wash them. Twice a week as a rule. Apparently, the locs won't decrease your hair care routine, instead it will provide you with impeccable looks.

Blonde female dreadlocks hairstyles



For ladies with natural fair hair color, the blonde strands of dreads will be the perfect choice. They look soft. This is true about any blondie. Female dreadlocks hairstyles make no exclusion. Of course, it is not about one pure color. You can always add mint green and lime yellow strands for more impressive looks. Actually, this is one of the greatest benefits of locs - adding various colored strands and highlights. You are always free to toy with tones and shades.

Red dreads for white women


As far as you could guess, dreads can be of all possible colors. But best if all is to correlate them with your base color. For example, the above red headed woman looks prefect with dreads of almost the same shade.