Black Women Colourful Box Braids Hairstyles 2017

Winter is coming and there is nothing better than fighting the cold weather with brightest looks provided by colorful box braids hairstyles for black women. Well, you may say that such dazzling colors are more appropriate for summer, sun and sea, but in reality it is much comfortable to see your reflection in the mirror on a chilly day and get warm with just a look at lime yellow or barbie blonde colors. So if you are ready to take the challenge, here is a collection of black women colorful box braids hairstyles 2017 to inspire your for the most awesome looks for the coming winter.

colorful black women box braids hairstyels 2017

Besides it is goo to have protective hairstyles in cold weather, during these winter months you will be able to grow out your own healthy tresses and get prepared for spring.

White box braids

white box braids for black women

The combination of black and white never fails to look classy and to the point. Even on jumbo braids such color fusion will be a winning one.

Grey jumbo braids 2017

grey box braids hairstyles

Recently we have been facing somehow strange trend of grey hairstyles. Originally people never liked grey hair that indicated their growing up. But now people of all ages boast ash hair colors. And on protective braids the color is really impressive.

Bleached blonde braids extensions

blonde jumbo braids for black women 2017

With the crazy popularity of bleached blonde colors this summer, when so many celebrities have adopted all of a sudden this crazy silver blonde, we see that the trend has gone farther and stick to black women natural hair.

Pastel pink box braids

pink box braids hairstyles 2017

You know that pastel colors are on trend now. For sure it is mostly for blondes, while brunettes boast oil slick hair colors, and when it comes to black women they can try anything, both brightest hues and pastel ones, like this soft pink on the picture.

Yellow and green box braids hairstyles

lemon yellow box braids hairstyles

green box braids protective hairstyles

When the nature is going to sleep and for several months we can't see green leaves on the trees, it is time for you to substitute this pleasure with green braids shades.

Blue and violet black women box braids

blue box braids for black women black women violet box braids 2017

Another option to look and feel warm is going into the blues with fantastic shades of dark and soft blue shades, For sure the warmest looks are provided by violet tones.

Red box braids hairstyles for black women

black women orange jumbo braids black women red box braids extensions

And finally her is perhaps the most astounding color for box braids - red tone extensions. With all the variety of shades from tangerine and orange to red velvet and auburn, you can choose the color that fits your world most of all.