Best SAG Awards 2017 Hairstyles And Looks

This Sunday night welcomed the 23rd annual SAG Awards. The red carpet was full of celebrities each one with her own style and vision of beauty. You call it anything but boring. Well, let us keep aside from the political topics and current situation that in reality has involved many top artist. But the truth is that the atmosphere of the rebel against the governing political system was seen in extravagant flowers and feathers on gowns, extreme jewel hair accessories, drastic make up and even safety pins that celebrities proudly revealed to photographers. Above all, red carpet introduced us the best SAG Awards 2017 hairstyles. Meanwhile the runways have already given us some ideas and directions, what we saw at the awards event was different.

Best SAG Awards 2017 Hairstyles

Indeed, all the hair trends 2017 seen at fashion weeks were mid arts and loose wavy styles. However, celebrities at SAG wore dramatic deep side parting, bouncy waves, exquisite updos representing highly elegant solutions.

Celebrity couples at SAG 2017

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend hairstyles 2017 SAG Awards Joe Manganiello and Sofia Vergara hairstyles 2017 SAG Awards

Alex Greenwald and Brie Larson hairstyles 2017 SAG Awards

First of all, let's consider couples seen on the red carpet. The only thing that can be noted is that they look damn harmonious. The combination of men smoking and ladies gowns of strict colors really surprised. As for hairstyles, be it an updo or soft side swept waves, it looked astounding.

Deep side part hairstyles at SAG 2017

Diane Guerrero hairstyles 2017 SAG Awards Amanda Peet hairstyles 2017 SAG Awards

Emma Stone hairstyles 2017 SAG Awards Selma Hayek hairstyles 2017 SAG Awards

Here we come to side parting. The recent catwalk mid part hairstyles seemed to win all the future trends, leaving nothing to no-parts and side-parts. Well, fashion is changeable like any woman is. So here we see exquisite and quite edgy side parted hairstyles. Some celebs with sleek hair, the others with gorgeous waves, and all showing off extreme level taste and style expressed in best SAG Awards 2017 hairstyles.

Best SAG Awards 2017 hairstyles

Amy Adams hairstyles 2017 SAG Awards

Natalie Portman hairstyles 2017 SAG Awards

Actually, there were few updo hairstyles on the glam red carpet. Still, we spotted some well know stars with simple (at least at first sight) updo hairstyles. Combined with the dresses Amy and Natalie delicate style impressed all.

Celebrity short hairstyles on SAG red carpet

Maisie Williams hairstyles 2017 SAG Awards

The Game of Thrones star has grown much but we seemed to never notice it. Well, with this classy retro bob hairstyle, dark cherry lipstick and silky dress gently underlining her curves, we definitely state that we see her grown up.

Gwendoline Christie hairstyles 2017 SAG Awards Michelle Williams hairstyles 2017 SAG Awards

At the end, a couple of short pixie cuts. Blonde, easy, yet styled appropriately for the vent they look really decent and charming.