Celebrity Short Hairstyles Trends 2018

Do you think that short haircuts are closing you within some limits? You are not alone. Well, theoretically this is what happens and what the majority of us believes. However, the reality is different and is proved by the celebrities millions of times. Remember Jennifer Lawrence and her iconic pixie cuts getting various images each time? This is not the only example, of course. Meanwhile, bob hairstyles are recognized to be the major trends of 2017, short hair trends 2018 seem to be giving a brand new breath to pixie hair conception.

best short haircuts 2018

No doubt, some of us and of celebrities have rocked short haircuts for ages, but others have gone short recently. And it leads to the supposition that we are seeing the greatest tendency of the coming year right now. Let's scroll down and see the platinum blonde hair colors and short hairstyles conquering the fashion world.

Wet effect short hairstyles

Scarlett Johansson wet short hair trends 2018

Tired of styling hair? It is hot outside? Well, going for wet hair is just what you need. Gelled and smoothly combed short pixie will look appropriate for any event.

Short layered hairstyles for 2018

Katy Perry short pixie hairstyles 2018

Zoë Kravitz short pixie haircuts 2018

First Katy Perri went for a trendy bob haircut. Just a couple of weeks later, here we go! The short layered haircut with incredible color transition. As for Zoe, we are more used to her extravagant dreads. Speaking frankly, this short platinum blonde pixie is no less extravagant.

Celebrity pixie haircuts with bangs

Cara Delevingne short hair with bangs 2018 Gigi Hadid Stuart Weitzman short hairstyles 2018

When models appear on runways with crazy hairstyles, we think that it is just the stage and people will never war such hairstyles in streets. However, when super models drastically change their daily image, this tends to turn into a trend. Short hair trends 2018 suggest that pixie haircuts are turning into a mainstream trends. Right now it is Cara Delevingne that rocks pixie like nobody else. For each event she attends thee is some fresh idea, even though length gives no place for experimenting. It is all about imagination - pins, jewel hair pieces, fake bangs, temporal coloring.

Classy pixie short hair trends 2018

Natali Portman short pixie hairstyles for 2018

Jennifer Lawrence short pixie haircuts

Going slightly back in time, here you see some of the most vivid and impressive pixie cuts. They mark the line that short hair follow throughout decades.

Short hair accessories

Lupita Nyong'o short hair trends 2018

Cara Delevingne firework short hair accessories 2018

Hair accessories is he field where you can go wherever you want with your imagination. At "Valerian" promotion Cara appeared with huge firework hair piece that made her look quite different with the same platinum blonde pixie cut. Lupita is also quite sophisticated in styling her short her differently each time, be it high afro, double puffs, or tiara headpieces.