All The Mainstream Hairstyles 2017 Fall/Winter 2018

What is going to be trendy the coming season? I bet you have all been thinking about it already, Although we have summer ahead of us, it is never too early to learn the future tendencies. Basically, it is always good to look ahead and decide what to wear in summer to have a smooth transition in autumn. So summer hairstyles being discussed and well digested, let's turn to fall 2017 hair trends, and softly pass on to winter 2018 hairstyles. First of all, it is about color. Autumn hair colors are much deeper and dimensional than summer ones. So it is essential to bear it in kind when going platinum blonde for a couple of months.

main hair trends 2017 fall winter 2018

Besides the runway events and fashion weeks have already introduced their cold season collections. Basing on what we saw, here you will find a guide to all the major hair tendencies waiting for us in the upcoming future months. Get ready for a brand new look right now.

#1 mid part hairstyles

middle part hair trends 2017 fall winter 2018

This is the conquering hair parting of the current and of the future seasons. Some go far beyond simple parting, and  create micro braids.

#2 side swept hair

GUY LAROCHE hair trends 2017 fall winter 2018

Mid part hair grow in their popularity, but there is always space left for side swept. Just because they are very elegant. By just swiping hair to one part you can go from casual to cocktail looks.

#3 baby bangs trend

baby bangs hair trends 2017 fall winter 2018

We knew that bangs were coming back when Burberry models appeared all with fringes. But did you know about baby bangs?

#4 fall 2017 hair trends - braids

braids hair trends 2017 fall winter 2018

As always, there re no tendencies without some braids style. This time it is about braided strands, kind of hippie look, that Valentino made go viral.

#5 ponytails

ponytail hair trends 2017 fall winter 2018

The old goo ponytail, the hairstyle of housewives, is taken to absolutely new heights. It is seen on runways, on red carpets, on streets and everywhere. However, make sure to have it high, and keep in mind the ultra trendy black velvet hair ribbon.

#6 Marylin Monroe curly bob

Kendall Jenner Marylin Monroe hair trends 2017 fall winter 2018

Looking back to previous decades, we see many trends that came and disappeared then. However, there is one thing that stays popular throughout the time and is among fall 2017 hair trends - Marylin Monroe curly bob cut. Now it is recreated by popular model Kendall Jenner.

#7 bob haircuts and hairstyles

Emporio Armani bob hair trends 2017 fall winter 2018

Obviously, bob is in here and is nit going anywhere soon. Emporio Armani take on short bob is about wet and wavy cuts.

#8 vintage hair

retro hair trends 2017 fall winter 2018

Finally, it is always o the point to turn eyes back to old years and get some inspiration from 20's false bobs and 50's victory rolls.