7 Grand Spring 2017 Hair Trends From Recent Runways

There are very few days left until new year! Soon we will enter the new season for everything! Meanwhile we have already discussed autumn and winter, it is time for us to turn eyes to spring 2017 hair trends! Indeed, during the whole year we have been closely following the runway shows, from resort events to haute couture. So quite naturally it is time now to sum it up and get to know the grand and major hair trends that are awaiting us just a couple of months later. Generally, speaking there is some quite vivid line that all designers and hair stylists seem to have in mind when creating their images - naturalness. You know, before runways and catwalk were the place where you could see incredible make up and hair looks that you would hardly ever dare to wear to work or to a party. Nowadays, runways and models offer us just those styles for everyday routine.


Feeling inspired and excited? Well, scroll below to see the tendencies and get ready for the next spring-summer season from now on already.

#1 mid parts

center-part-hairstyles-2017-spring middle-part-hairstyles-2017-spring

The first trend that is really very widely spread is the center parted hairstyles. Throughout the fashion weeks season we have been seeing this style on long and short hair, on wavy and wet styles. Stylists say that such parting underlines facial features in the best way.

#2 wet effect hairstyles


Actually, there is not much to say about this trend. It exists no matter what during several season now. Before we could think it was due to Kim Kardashian that it is still present in fashion. However, now we get convinced that it is just a mainstream trend.

#3 spring 2017 hair trends with bangs


Bangs are back. Well, it seems to be quite official now. After seeing Burberry models all with fringes, it was inevitable that relaxed casual bangs will be on-trend.

#4 curly hairstyles


Speaking about naturalness, we come across the curly hair. If before many stylists would advice you to straighten your locks to look stylish, now it is all the contrary.

#5 low ponytails

low ponytail hairstyles 2017

Business style is never out of fashion. Runways prove it over and over again. This time it is the low ponytails that are on the peak of popularity.

#6 half up half down hairstyles


Summer was flooded with half up knots and it was obvious that spring 2017 hair trends will include them as well.

#7 hair accessories


At last, do not neglect hair pieces. With casual hairstyles some little trifle will make it look much better.