Vivacious Box Braids Updo Hairstyles 2014

Box braids updo hairstyles are easy to create and they give a wide range of possibilities to implement your imagination and create versatile styles each time. Among natural hairstyles for black women box braids have their unique place cause after creation they not only protect hair from damage, but also make your life easier: you can forget about hair problems for two months at least. As for box braids updo popular hairstyles I can say they are even more popular in hot summer days when box braids updo speak perfectly with tops and strapless dresses. Once you start creating updos from box braids I am sure you will love you box braids. Now let's see the vivid examples of vivacious box braids updo hairstyles 2014 and draw endless inspirations for recreation of trendy updo hairstyles this summer. If you are an office employee than side updo hairstyles from box braids will suit your outfit. They look elegant and formal and look very neat and presentable in office. formal box braids updo hairstyles 2014   box braids updos 2014

High bulky buns from box braids own a respectful place in the natural hairstyles row. Many black women create such updo hairstyles very high on the line of hair growth. The others prefer voluminous high buns on the nape. Anyways they look flattering and give space for imagination. You can style your box braids into a bulky bun, or a more neat one, make it higher or lower and experiment with braided styles.

Highlighted box braids are an excellent base for updo hairstyles as they accentuate every single strand and box braid. The common color for box braids highlights are brown and black that are close to natural black hair colors, but you can go further and play with lighter and brighter colors to boost your individuality.

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