Vintage Hairstyles

The style icons of past set the trends of the present. Such personalities like Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn have entered history with their unique style and image. And now we see their vintage hairstyles being copied everywhere. Hair stylists offer these amazing hairstyles from past updated with modern touches, and combinend with cocktail gowns they look trendy and endlessly stylish.

I want to clarify here that retro and vintage are not the same. All the old things can be considered retro, but vintage are only those that left their trace in fashion history and their trends tend to return in all times and never go out of fashion. Now let's consider some gorgeous vintage hairstyles from past that is long gone, but it's presence is felt all around.

finger waves hairstyles

These smashimg curls from 20's excite us even today. The properly chosen dress and make up makes it the best choice for long hair owners. Side swept loose hairstyles are nothing but stunning.

marilyn monroe hairstylesAny girl at least once in her life must have tried to obtain Marilyn Monroe hairstyle to look sexy and to feel so sensual like her. Blonde curly hairstyle on short hair will make any woman be a real woman.

milkmaid braids hairstyles

Milkmaid style with headband braiding originates from post war peroid, still now with some fresh touces it turns to be feminine and tender, without loosing the retro spirit.

bouffant hairstylesPenelope Cruz with the bouffant hairstyle looks like from 60's passing us the breath of past, looks both realistic and very stylish.

braided ponytails

Here is a wonderful exampe of retro hairstyles seen on catwaks. Simple slicked back ponytail is styled low so that ends can be braided into a bun. Looks sophisticated, yet easy to recreate.

retro bob hairstyles

You look at her and see 40's - rolled up hair that are fixed with concealed pins gove her charm and feminity that no other style can pass. Awesome faux bob hairstyle can turn you into a queen at a special event.