Twist Braids

Black hairstyles can offer many designs for hair but the top popular are braided hairstyles and twists as well. Twists are simple, they can be worn loose after plaited, or designed in an updo. You can try different hair extensions on twists, from natural hair to dread locks. Black hair type is quite different from the thin hair of Europeans and hairstyles are also somehow specific. Still many women choose changing natural hairstyles because they simply do not know how to deal with the dense hair they are blessed with. This article is about twist braids that look very sexy and many white women will love to be able to wear them.

Senegalese twists

Senegalese twists are nothing but flattering. Even styled loose Senegalese twist hair can draw attention of everybody around. But if you design it in a side twsit above all, it will turn to a agnificent style appropriate even for some special event.

twist braids for black women

Twist braids can end up in colorful dreads and all designed in a neat bun, looks very accurate and curious.

twist braids updo

Senegalese twist styles can vary, and depending on th occasion you can style them into a gorgeous updo that looks breath taking.

natural hairstyles for black women

Twist braids turning into a bun is very popular hairstyle among African American women, firstly because it is fixed well and doesn't disturb and require attention and care.

twisty bun for black women

Not very tight twist can also look nice, this updo hairstyles for twisted hair is very authentic, having spirit inside.