Trendy Short Haircuts

It is difficult to decide what to do when it it comes to a shift in your image. But women are always ready for a change in fact. Not to go too dramatic, I offer you upgrading your image with modern twists and details, and if you are wearing a short hairstyle than sassy haircut is what you need now. Sassy short haircut make us look younger, cause they are all about energy, spring, ease and freshness. Even at the mature age of 50 or more you can afford sassy hairstyles, to make you look and feel juvenile. Trendy short haircuts can be called sassy if they are layered, mostly of asymmetrical designs. Bold hair colors can also be a sign of sassiness, but not necessarily, and most importantly funky layered edges that look like feathers. Now all this in pictures.

asymmetrical pixie

Pixie haircuts with long asymmetrical bangs are the trend, moreover with such unique violet highlighted strand it is astounding.

pixie haircuts

Not extra short pixie, no bold colors or asymmetric designs, but the layering is fantastic, the feathers do look sassy.

sassy short haircuts

Bob haircut of brown hair color with highlights makes perfect sassy haircut with distinct layered ends. It looks very rapacious indeed.

short hairstyles for black women

Short hairstyles for black women are of many designs, but who could think of such an elegant sassy short haircut that makes her look enigmatic.

short layered hairstyles

Extra short haircut with two definite layers. And blonde hair color makes it look very flirty and youthful.