Striking Black Wedding Hairstyles 2014

Wedding day is the most important big day in any girls life, many of us will say. And it's not weird that each lady wants to look fabulous on that special day. Wedding hairstyles are crucial element in your bride-to-be image. It should suit the wedding gown and the atmosphere and theme of the wedding party. The wedding hairstyles for African American women are numerous and many of them were introduced during New York's Bridal Week 2014. You just need to decide for yourself whether you want to look sporty or elegant, traditional or modern and thus choose updo or downdo hairstyles, or half updo. The trends of striking black wedding hairstyles 2014 are the following:

  • high heavy buns
  • voluminous curly hairstyles
  • sleeked back styles
  • high delicate buns
Such simplicity is never out of fashion. Among black hairstyles for wedding this one with its neat and accurate lines look fantastic combined with flower hair accessory. If you plan a summer wedding, choose to wear natural flower. 2014 Bridal Hairstyles for Black Women The image of black seductress is well reflected in this high bun hairstyle with waves on the crown. With wedding dress it will create a very elegant image. african american wedding hairstyles 2014 Look at this high braided bun hairstyle. The front braid seems to flow down her forehead. If you attach the veil on the crown part, both the veil and the braid will be beautifully underlined. black braided wedding hairstyles Natural hairstyles for black women can be a perfect base for wedding designs. This braided updo is actually created on short hair with the help of extensions. natural braided updo hairstyles for wedding Curly natural hairstyles for black women even when short can be designed in such a cute updo wedding hairstyle, that with chic hair clip will make you look special. naturally curly short hairstyles for wedding 2014 Braided Mohawk hairstyle for black women can also be converted to bridal hairstyle if you manage to design it this accurate and delicate. wedding braided mohawk hairstyle for black women