Short Natural Hairstyles

Sometimes we all face problems with our tresses, but African American women face only one problem - dry and frizzy hair. The natural texture of their tresses is very curly so many hair styling and care means used to straighten hair and create beautiful styles, result in totally damaging hair. And so the only way out it to cut off the beloved tresses and wait until healthy hair grows. But while waiting you do not necessarily need to sit and do nothing with hair. Short curly hair can also have different designs. Now ladies, look at these examples of short natural hairstyles and I am sure you will see that your tresses are no disaster.

With short curly hair you can create protective updo hairstyles, twists and even braids, you can leave them loose and make finger coils. Many variants can be considered actually.

natural hairstyles for black women

These tight twists are just a fun, you can move your head, get caught in the wind and no mess in fact. And no combing at all!

short natural hairstyles

Diagonal lines designed on one side beautifully frame the face and accentuate some features and the voluminous hairstyle makes it all intriguing.

hairstyles for short curly hair

Short curly hairstyle can turn to such a beautiful updo hairstyle that is even suitable for some formal occasion if completed with gorgeous dress.

short curly hair for black women

Almost shaved sides and natural curls make this mohawk hairstyle very nice indeed.

natural hairstyles for short hair

Shiny finger coils on the deep black hair combined with artificial light rosy flower makes this girl a beauty bunny.