Protective Hairstyles for Black Women

The less time we spend on our hair, the more we love the hairstyle we re wearing. This is absolute truth. No woman will ever say that she wants to spend hours in front of the mirror trying to calm down her crazy hair. And no one of us will go out with hair stretching out in total chaos. African American women have perfect thick hair, that are healthy and strong on one side, but being curly they can become dry and frizzy quite often. All the possible hairstyles an be designed on thick black hair, this is the advantage, and many efforts must be spent on hair care, this is the shortcoming. To make it easier protective hairstyles for black women have been invented, and they not only protect, but also attract attention as they are pretty in fact. These protective hairstyles defend hair from outside influence of dust and dirt and chemical things, they keep hair moisturized and they do look stylish.

bun hairstyles fo black women

Style a high ponytail and make a huge bun that will make you the princess of the ball.

protective hairstyles

Twists are very trendy because they are easy to do and maintain, much easier than braided styles. And look what pretty hairstyles may come out.

braided headband

Braided headband that turns into a fishtail at the end is a great creative decision among protective hairstyles.

short natural hairstyles

Cute short hairstyles can be designed in an updo. Look at this natural hairstyle with many many small buns, inventive in fact.