Pretty Summer Braid Hairstyles 2014

Braids are the trendy hairstyles of all times. You van have them styled any way you may imagine for any occasion and for any season. We are very changeable, ladies, and hair trends 2014 rush forward to introduce us new designs each time. Hair accessories and new twists, hair colors and highlights catch our attention at once. We are very quick to opt for all the new tendencies and sometimes the fashion brings out the most incredible thing, like colorful feathers for hair some years before. Thanks goodness, modern hair trends suggest pretty summer braid hairstyles 2014 that introduce all natural hairstyles where braids are soft and easy-to-do.

Summer hairstyles should be relaxed and not taking too much time, so do not go for sophisticated braid hairstyles, but choose simple French or Dutch braids that on natural curly or wavy hair look simply cute. If you have sleek and straight hair you can use curling iron to add some volume and waves and then pass on to braid hairstyles.

Here is a small selection of braid hairstyles pictures to grab your attention and inject inspiration.

Braid hairstyles for summer 2014

Such summer hairstyle will be easy wear on the beach, in the sea and on a beach party at night. The braid speak perfectly to the messy texture.

Braid hairstyles for summer 2014

Bridal summer braid hairstyles 2014

Summer wedding have some unique air around them, they are either very light and spent on the beach, either elegant and strict. The last one will allow you to boost such a accurate and definite braid hairstyle.

Bridal summer braid hairstyles 2014

Diverse braid types for summer 2014

diverse braid types for summer 2014

Medieval braid hairstyles for summer 2014

With such an exquisite braid I am sure any lady will fell a princess, or at least duchess from middle ages. What a romance!

Medieval braid hairstyles for summer 2014

Mohawk braid hairstyles 2014

This braid hairstyles styled into a faux hawk will make you look flattering anywhere you appear. Very sexy1

mohawk braid hairstyles 2014

Pretty summer braids 2014

The most amazing braided hairstyle is plaited loosely, very relaxed, the sun-kissed blonde hair color in combination with darker outfit and brighter lipstick is the winning choice.

pretty summer braids 2014