Pretty Low Bun Summer Hairstyles 2014

With the coming of summer seems that we have more things to do, girls. To plan vacations, meetings with friends, shopping and chagne of wardrobe and hairstyle. Among all this for sure we won't like to spend much time on hairstyles but who doesn't want to look smashing? Nobody, I assure. Among all the summer fuss hairstyles is the topic to be discussed thoroughly. If you have many meetings in hot days I will introduce to you pretty low bun summer hairstyles 2014. The good thing about low bun hairstyles is that it is not difficlult to create on the one hand, and on the other low bun has the ability to create glamorous formal image at once. Now let's consider some examples of such trendy hairstyles.

Nothing can be cuter than a messy low bun. It creates amazing romance and elegance and wins hearts. To style such a loose low bun you need to create volume at first. Then make your tresses curly with the curling iron and style hair into a ponytail on the basis of which you will have the bun. Leave some curly strands out to look playful. loose low bun 2014   To have the most lovely and elegant looks spice your low bun with a braid. hair trends 2014 just love braids. Divide hair into two parts and plait the braid starting from upper part and for sure end it all in a cute low bun 2014. low bun with side braid for summer 2014   Here is a sweetest example of low side bun hairstyles 2014, it is easy-to*do hairstyle and yet looks very feminine and will be perfect for any formal occasion. low side bun hairstyles 2014

  Summer hairstyles 2014 have a tendency towards easy hairstyles. Thios low side bun is created on a simple ponytail, but look how gorgeous it is! low side bun summer hairstyles 2014   For natural curly hair this curly low bun is the easiest hairstyle as you will need no preparation with curling iron and additional volume. Natural curls designed into a bun, what can be ore summer?             taylor swift curly low bun