Natural Hair Mohawk Hairstyles 2014

Among natural hairstyles for black women I should put apart Mohawk hairstyles that give way to imagination and the widest range of hairstyle ideas. This can be the most fancy protective hairstyle for African American women cause it is stylish and funky on one side, and remains feminine and touching on the other. For sure, original Mohawks are with shaved sides, but don't you thing that shaved hair is not for everyone and we rather choose fauxhawks? Fauxhawks provide various styling opportunities and allow you to be new with every new event. Let's look at the collection of pictures of the most amazing natural hair Mohawk hairstyles 2014 and draw some courage and inspiration.

Among the most popular hairstyles for black hair is braided hairstyle besides braided sides is the easiest way to style a Mohawk. Usually tight cornrows are used for such braided style, but larger braid with Bantu knots can also be quite curious. bantu knots mohawk hairstyles Spider braided natural hairstyles for black women can look this fancy when you end the tight braids in a curly Mohawk hairstyle. braided natural hairstyles for black women Frohawk is an amazing way to style natural black hair. No need for complicated styling techniques, you just need to comb hair above and fix with pins, and your classy image is ready. Frohawk for natural black hair

Fabulous Mohawk for black natural hairstyles! It is not everyday that you happen to come across such a sophisticated braided hairstyle. By the way it is gorgeous not for little girls only, so ladies maybe you want to try? mohawk for black natural hairstyles Mohawk for naturally curly hair can turn into art when you decide to have flaming highlights that will smartly accentuate your hairstyle as well as spirits. mohawk for naturally curly hair