Modern Tendencies of Elegant Hairstyles 2014

Elegant hairstyles are meant for special events that can happen in your life from time to time. They can also fit office outfit to look very business oriented at work. And even if you like to choose hairstyles each day and prefer no to look planned beforehand, sometimes you just can't avoid occasions on which elegant hairstyles cannot be omitted. They say that elegant updos and downdos can make you look older, or too strict and conservative. Yet this is not true. Let's discuss modern tendencies of elegant hairstyles 2014, and I am sure you will get at once that elegance is no way boring and reserved. Which are the most popular hairstyles to get elegant looks?Elegant updo hairstyles. They are considered to be the most suitable for long evening décolleté gowns, that show up you neck and back. Besides they greatly accentuate accessories you have, such as earrings and necklaces.

Elegant downdo hairstyles. Not in the mood of an updo, will bring you to creation of elegant downdo. They are usually wavy, the front strands are taken back from face, or pulled to one side, and the waves are glossy and shining. Great way to have an elegant hairstyle and to boost hair as well.

Elegant half updo hairstyles. These are supposed to be bouffant hairstyles with curly hair flowing down. It can also be bangs, very accurate and pulled to one side.

Actually hair trends 2014  even in elegant hairstyles offer natural tendencies and that is why messy styles are in the mainstream.

Now let's see the hairstyles pictures finally.

Baroque wedding elegant hairstyles

baroque wedding elegant hairstyle

Crown French braid elegant hairstyles

crown french braid elegant hairstyles

Downdo elegant hairstyles 2014

downdo elegant hairstyles 2014

Faux bob elegant hairstyles

faux bob elegant hairstyles

Fishtail elegant hairstyles 2014

fishtail elegant hairstyles 2014

Low knot elegant hairstyles 2014

low knot elegant hairstyles 2014

Pin up elegant hairstyles

pin up elegant hairstyles

Vintage curly elegant hairstyles 2014

vintage curly elegant hairstyles 2014