Medium Layered Haircuts

One-length haircuts one day can come to be totally dull. While with layered hairstyles such thing hardly can happen, cause with layers you can create a vast variety of hairstyles and images. A layered haircut should have two layers and more and usually shorter layers frame face accentuating or hiding it. layering styles are also many, so you must thing how you want your ends to be cut: it can be blunt cut layers, or graded soft layers, or barely seen feather mixing with each other. You can experiment with layering styles and ways for ages and I am sure that you will come to your own layered haircut. And here below I want to represent to you medium layered haircuts that simply won my heart and now I want to share my new discoveries with you, indeed very inspiring.

Ladies may ask why choose layers? Why not live calmly with straight one length hair? The list of merits is just below

  • Layering has a unique feature to conceal what we don't like. For owners of round or square face shape wisely chosen layers can conceal the wideness of cheeks and make the face shape look perfect. For long face shape horizontal effect can be achieved with the right layers. So layering is the styling option that can make any face shape look excellent oval/
  • Hair volume. With layers you can achieve either thickness, layered haircut makes thin hair look more voluminous. While thick hair can become thinner by right layering style.
  • Layers are suitable for straight hair as well as for curly ones. And regardless which hair type you choose today, be sure to have flattering looks.
  • Layered haircuts fit natural hair colors much without any additional colors. And at the same time highlighted hair, ombre or definite died strands also look gorgeous.

Now lets come to the examples to see all the above described on real people.

blonde layered hairstyles

A perfect summer layered hairstyle. Seems that August warm sun has created this sun tanned hair color, and a soft wind has tousled the hair a bit.

curly medium layered hairstyles

This ash blonde hair color with caramel highlights look incredible on curly layered hairstyle. You should try it.

eva longoria midi layered haircut

Medium-to-long layered haircuts look fantastic on this deep dark hair color. The stairstep layering style beautifully frames the face.

layered hairstyles

Honey blonde hair color and the layers cascading along both sides form the natural amazing hairstyle, the side bang of which puts accent on eyes. And yes, lips are not the only thing to look at on this picture!

medium layered haircuts with bangs

A medium bob haircut that is layered on front part and on bang, while on the back it is absolutely one length. perfect for thin hair texture.

medium length layered haircuts

Choppy layered midi haircut with blonde hair color looks very youthful and daring. The feature layered thin strands all over the length add volume to the hairstyle.

symmetric medium layered haircuts

Here is a perfect example of two-layers hairstyle, and mind symmetric hairstyles and blunt cut bang. The image is flattering.