Long Layered Haircuts

Long layered hairstyles always look flattering, even without special designs, simple styles are eye catching. It's a common thing that owners of long hair come in their life to the point when they don't know what to do with hair, and cutting them off to a shorter haircut is extremely frightening for them. But here in this very post I will show you what you can do without undergoing dramatic changes. Not all women have healthy long hairstyle and moreover some of us can't practically have it, cause genetic hair length is predetermined. And in present day life long tresses are just a burden to deal with every day cause we well know that long hair requires much attention, devotion and means. Here I will introduce a selection of long layered haircuts, that are the best decision to get rid of weight, split ends and every day hair care procedures.

Long layered hair origin from bohemian styles, but nowadays you can have simple everyday layered hairstyle and enjoy it.

some simple rules to have notorious layered hair.

  • Tell your hair stylist to cut off layers on the back part and add graded layers that will come to frame your face naturally and accentuate your best features, such a trick is better when combined with long bang styled on one side or straight.
  • Don't leave out details while telling the hair dresser what you expect to get.For feminine look choose graded layers that blend with each other and create one whole image of long hair. And on the contrary to accentuate your layers and have messy and daring hairstyle choose shaggy layers. And mind to decide the shortest layer length fro cheekbone to chin length.

Here are the best layered hairstyles for long hair, let's go, ladies.

messy layered hairstyles

Messy layered hairstyle looks extra natural, seems that you have just rushed in hiding from tremendous wind. Note darker ends, that are died deep brown and add special effect to the messy head.

brown hair with red highlights

Blunt cut bang and red hot highlights combined with shaggy layers on this long hair look very daring and attractive.

curly long layered haircuts

Reverse ombre highlights and loose curly layered hairstyle create the atmosphere of luxury around any woman wearing such style.

highlights for long layered hairstyles

Wavy layered hairstyle with deep dark hair color and a cute light bang make it a perfect prom hairstyle for teens.

long hairstyles with layers

Blonde curly layered hairstyle! The divine hair color makes it look angelic and very tender.

long layered hairstyles

Feathered layers on long hairstyle are irreplaceable for fine thin hair, adding some weight and life to light tresses. The front strands are designed to fit any face shape and to shape it in best possible way.