Inspiring Blonde Ombre Hair Ideas

Ombre highlights inspire blonde hair with incredible light and freshness. You can try ombre on any blonde, starting from dishwater blonde and strawberry blonde, and ending with light brown or even dark brown hair color as the base. ash blonde and platinum colored ends will give the atmosphere of brightness to your image. If you have already managed to sunbathe then you can choose warmer sun kissed golden blonde tones that are perfect for tanned skin. Now let's see the examples of inspiring blonde ombre hair that creates the most popular hairstyles for summer 2014!

Ladies with natural dishwater blonde hair color are often tired of the subtle and dull image they have and very often they start dyeing hair into light brown or other tones of blonde. But there is a better choice - blonde ombre hair, you will preserve you natural hair color at the roots and get the desired new color at the ends. blonde ombre hair Light shades of brown hair color make girls go for some exquisite decisions of brown blonde ombre hair. And nothing surprising! Bronde ombre looks simply astounding, regardless of being styled curly or straight. brown blonde ombre hair 2014 Modern hair dyeing techniques allow women with brown hair not to bleach and damage hair totally to get the wanted blonde color, but go for soft solutions and choose ombre highlights. On short hair you can try golden blonde ombre highlights that styled curly will look very sunny and summer. golden blonde ombre highlights

Honey blonde hair color with the most subtle transition to platinum blonde makes a perfect ombre hair solution appropriate for summer hairstyles 2014. Such color combo doesn't require special hairstyles and simple beach waves will look fantastic. honey blonde ombre hair highlights 2014 Strawberry blonde turning into ashy makes this V-edged hairstyle unforgettable. very smart transition of colors that can be applied on short hair as well, you can find some more examples here. strawberry blonde ombre hair