Hairstyles for Women Over 40

The aim of all women is to always look attractive. There comes age when you need to consider thoroughly your image. Your hairstyle should be serious and respectable but above all it must be trendy. While choosing a hairstyle you must take into account your face shape and also your interests and life style so as to look self confident and sophisticated. The well known stars like Madonna and Kim Basinger represent some of the best hairstyles for mature women. Now let's stop and consider hairstyles for women over 40 to find the best one for you. At the age of 40 women live a new period in life, they are full of life and energy and for sure this age doesn't oblige you to choose certain determined styles. No, your favorite pixie and bob haircuts, even long hairstyles will remain with you, all you need to do is to choose soft layers, that take tresses from the face and merge in each other. Beside bangs always make us look younger, so consider bang hairstyles as well.

short hairstyles for women over 40

Clean lines of the layers make this hairstyle look unique. Especially the ear length graduated layers makes it a perfect bob for mature women.

Kathy Hilton hairstyles for women over 40

Shoulder length hairstyles that open face are perfect for women over 40, pushed up on the crown part the style looks trendy.

pixie for women over 40

Pixie has always been a daring hairstyle that makes any woman look sexy and attractive, regardless of age. And you clearly see it in the picture.

short haircuts for mature women

Curls are the secret weapon that turns women to younger ladies. Even on short haircut and at the age of forty they look flirty.

short to medium curly hairstyles

This short to medium hairstyle with such natural curls can suit both formal event and everyday life. It looks very light and lovely.

wavy medium hairstyles for women over 40

Shoulder length curly hairstyles with center parting, and without any bangs make a perfect decision for women over 40.