Gorgeous Girl Mohawk Hairstyles 2014

Ladies, your age determines your style and behaviour. Now that you are young, you should go on with new styles and experiment. Don't be afraid to go too far and reach the edge, no one will scorn you. Any hairstyles can be wirn now. Among popular hairstyles that can be extreme and kind of daring is Mohawk. For sure, nothing scary, but not everyone can dare to shave sides and wear such extravagant short haircut. Well, not all Mohawks are based on short hairstyles, there can be fauxhawks and frowhawks based on longer hair, that look quite feminine. Let's check out gorgeous girl Mohawk hairstyles 2014.

For African American women Mohawk hairstyles have become very popular recently. This pixie to Mohawk black hairstyle looks really gorgeous.

black mohawk hairstyles 2014

Braided black Mohawk hairstyles also have unique place in the line of protective hairstyles for black women. On one side the braids create protection and on the other the Mohawk makes the style softer and more feminine.

braided black mohawk hairstyles

Girls with long tresses can never say goodbye to inch of hair length, and to create a real Mohawk shaved or cropped sides are not for them. That is why now we have many Fauxhawk hairstyles like the braided Fauxhawk on the picture below. Various braiding styles and messy effect makes it very cute.

braided fauxhawk

Among girl Mohawk hairstyles 2014 this one is very distinguished due to the particular braiding on sides. Look very exquisite and is really eye catching.

girl mohawk hairstyles 2014

Pixie haircuts are usually a brave step for many women, but in this picture we see pixie to Mohawk hairstyle that is perfect mixture of the two styles.

mohawk-for-girls 2014