Cute Hairstyles for Short Hair

At the age of being a teen you are living through a period of your life when you are free to experiment with your style and image. Growing up I assure you that you will become more thinking and conservative and bold bright ideas won't fit you any longer. So it is now, young ladies, that you can choose any hairstyles and try all new designs. Hairstyles for teens should be easy in casual daily life yet they have to turn into something gorgeous for a special occasion. They say that short haircuts don't allow to try styles and change for each new event. But I won't agree, cause modern styling techniques use very contrasting ideas like shaved sides and long bangs, asymmetrical layers, twists and braids that are all compatible with short haircuts. So let's have a look at cute hairstyles for short hair and get ready for a complete makeover.

classy bob with bang

Classy bob haircut of perfect length is a never fading style that fits a woman of any age always underlining her best features.

cute short hairstyles

Choppy layered short haircuts are the trend with asymmetrical angles and graduated layers. This turns to a real edgy look. Are you ready for it?

layered bob haircuts

Extra short bob haircut with layers looks fantastic mostly on this blonde hair color with highlights that makes it very tender and cute.

stylish bob haircuts

Often teen girls don't want to look casual and seek for bolder designs. This bob haircut with almost shaved side will be perfect decision for dramatic look, the blonde hair color with pink highlights makes it funky.

wavy bob haircut

Bob haircuts are always perfect even if not styled at all, natural hair texture looks also fine.

wavy short hairstyles

Curls and waves are very appropriate to younger age cause they boost natural playful spirits of teens and adds some femininity to ladies styles.