Celebrity Hairstyles: Hair Highlights 2014

Celebrities inspire women all over the world not only by fashion clothes and hairstyles they choose, but with hair colors as well. Ladies who prefer bold hair colors for sure should find inspiration in crazy color stars wear. Many of us choose natural hair colors, but the ones who want a drastic change should for sure look through these celebrity hairstyles and hair highlights, that represent the most daring color combos. avril lavigne blonde hair with pink highlights lady gaga hair color Beyond any doubts, bright and bold hair highlights catch eyes and draw attention, but for everyday life you can choose natural hair color and combine them with highlights for dark hair. Present hair dyeing technologies offer us greatest choice in hair colors and shades and you can constantly change colors and experiment with them. Not to harm hair too much and to have short lasting effect you can try semi-permanent dyeing products. Bold hair highlighting is a modern trick in hair coloring techniques and refers to contrasting colors of the base hair color and the highlights you want to add. But be careful when choosing colors, cause turning into a parrot won't be that funny after all. In hair highlighting it is not only color that means a thing, but dyeing style as well. For natural hair highlights colored strands should be spread all over hair length, but for bold look choose dip dyeing, paneling and chunky hairstyles. blonde hair highlights brunnette hair red highlights blonde hair with ash blonde highlights brown hair with highlights brown hair with light highlights two tone brown hair color