Brown Hair with Highlights

An old joke says that women are actually very simple and plain: straight hair must become wavy, curly hair should be straightened, short hair changed to long, while long tresses cut off. This list may be completed with new phrases concerning hair colors, like blondes want to be brunettes and vice versa. And here it's the best time to speak about hair highlights, that do not change hair color, keep the natural hair tone and just add some new and fresh touch to the image. Bronde hair color is a new solution that is acquired by blending brunette and blonde hair color, maybe interesting, right? Variations of styles with partial and full highlights and lowlights are numerous. In this post I will show you some awesome examples of brown hair with highlights.

Highlights add some final touch to your hairstyle. They accentuate natural hair base and added to any length haircut, they shape the style and inspire life. And it doesn't matter you choose loose or updo hairstyles.

And now let me explain what is a highlight and a lowlight. Highlights are usually lighter than the base tone. They can be partial, spread on crown area only, or on side, and full highlights spread all over the length of hair. And lowlights are on the contrary some two tones darker than base color. Both of them look gorgeous if done correctly with the help of modern dyeing techniques and professional hair stylist.

Hair trends 2014 offer us natural hairstyles, and the same refers to hair colors, only subtle transition between colors is in fashion now, and better to choose colors in accordance with skin tone. For instance pale skin should be combined with light brown hair with highlights only one tone lighter than the base. Still bold contrast can also be your hair solution, if properly chosen.

.Finally the examples of highlights for brown hair.

long light brown hair with blonde highlights

Highlighting techniques are different and all depends on what result you want to get. here you see light brown hair with distinct blonde highlights.

brown hair with caramel haighlights

Freshness and warm will be inspired to your light brown hair with caramel highlights. Look how cute it may be in the real life.

dark brown hair with blonde highlights

On darker hair carefully dyed highlights can look amazing, like this dark brown hair with blonde highlights on J Lo.

brown hair with highlihts

As I have mentioned some ladies prefer bolder highlights. So dark brown hair with blonde and red highlights maybe your hairstyle if you are one of the bold fans.

light brown hair with blonde highlights

Jennifer Aniston cute natural wavy hairstyle looks perfect with her very light brown hair with ash blonde highlights.

very light brown hair with pale blonde highlights

The most popular highlights now mostly include warm tones, but look at this picture1 Women with pale and cold skin tone should opt for cold light brown hair with blonde highlights merged to each other. It looks delicate.