2014 Summer Short Haircuts for Girls

Summer has come, girls, and it is not the time to stay dull and routine. You should definitely try one of the new popular hairstyles that are easy and relaxed. Short haircuts are very on-trend as they look very cute after a simple tousling. For summer hairstyles you can abruptly cut off your long and medium tresses and feeling confident with new eye catching haircut. the most important thing here is that you like yourself and your image. So what are 2014 summer short haircuts for girls?

  • Pixie haircuts that are very attractive and daring. You can style it messy or sleek, wavy or straight and they look gorgeous. Mind that pixie is amazing for both thick and thin hair.
  • Bob hairstyles that introduce uneven ends, asymmetric texture and mostly messy style, that are different from classy bob we know, yet so summer and stylish.
Low pixie haircut like this shows density and style. Smart highlights add some light to the texture. It is easy to deal with and looks simple but touching. 2014 summer short haircuts for girls Asymmetric pixie haircuts for girls are always fun. One side bangs longer than the other underline and accentuate facial features very nicely. asymmetric pixie haircuts for girls This sharp short bob haircut for girls look simply smashing. The bangs are styled sleek, while the back and crown area are tousled, creating contrasting view. Such short layered hairstyles are meant to kill and conquer. blonde short bob haircuts 2014 Among bob haircuts for girls this is the one that looks very feminine and gentle. Layering is done very professionally and natural color solution only makes it better. bob haircuts for girls This asymmetric pixie with golden blonde highlights is very soft and tender in spite of shaggy layers and messy style. short haircuts for girls