Celebrity Sensual Long Hairstyles

Long hairstyles seemed to be out of sight for some period of time, when we faced new tendencies come forward and flood the fashion world. All possible short haircuts, extravagant looks and crazy hair colors. But there is only one truth and that is long hairstyles are the ones adored by women in all times and in every single corner of the world. For sure, some of us are not blessed with impressive mane, but the modern hair techniques will allow you wear your tresses as they are and be on-trend. No matter whether you are curly, or straight haired, thin or thick, long hairstyles will convert you into goddess worshipped by men all around.

Celebrity Long Hairstyles for 2016

To convince you more, I collected this small gallery of best celebrity long hairstyles. From top models to the most loved actresses long hair rule the world and our hearts. So think twice before going to your hair dresser, maybe better change color and trim the ends after all?

Celebrity long hairstyles with bangs

Naomi Campbell Long Hairstyles 2016

The first world wide known black super model Naomi has always had her signature hairstyle - long hairstyle with bangs. This is the image she has been wearing almost always and for which she is known.

Jessica Biel Long Hairstyles

Jessica Biel Long Hairstyles 2016

Long hairstyles do not suppose looking dull, you can always play with length and most importantly with layers and bangs. Long layered hairstyles are really perfect for women with thin hair. Just add some highlights and layers and here you are!

Celebrity long wavy hairstyles with center parting

Sarah Jesica Parker Long Hairstyles 2016 Sofia Vergara Long Hairstyles 2016 Amy Adams Long Hairstyles 2016

One of the recent tendencies for all hairstyles is the center parting. It fits all hair lengths but for long it is much better. Center parted hairstyles embrace our face, and show off excellent symmetry.

Julia Roberts long hairstyles

Julia Roberts Long Hairstyles 2016

I don't remember Julia Roberts with short hair, do you? Her incredible brown hair color follows her at all stages of her life. Now with some modern caramel and honey highlights it is even more amazing.

Celebrity long hairstyles

Liu Wen Long Hairstyles 2016 Alessandra Ambrosio Long Hairstyles 2016

Jennifer Lopez Long Hairstyles

Jennifer Lopez Long Hairstyles 2016

Even though she has been recently spotted with wavy bob haircut, that was quite good for her, the truth is that we are very used to seeing J Lo long caramel hairstyles. Wavy and curly, straight, loose and updo.

Cara Delevingne long hair

Cara Delevingne Long Hairstyles 2016

When it comes to models, long hair seems to be a must. Styled super straight or bed head, long tresses is a visit card into the world of fashion.

Celebrity long side swept hairstyles for 2016

Angelina Jolie Long Hairstyles 2016

Angelina stays true to her  long hairstyles always. Her brunette hair is one of her best features, no complicated hairstyles, just hair, glossy, well take care of, healthy.

Beyonce long hairstyles

Beyonce Long Hairstyles 2016

With Beyonce we are left a bit confused, cause she can appear in super straight short bob one day, and have curly long hair on the other. But the most feminine looks are with long hair.

Trendy long hairstyles for 2016

Blake Lively Long Hairstyles 2016 Amanda Seyfried Long Hairstyles 2016

Naomi Campbell long straight hairstyles for 2016