Sexy Naturally Curly Black Hairstyles

Hair trends 2016 state that all you need to do to be in vogue is to stay natural. For black women to keep up with this statement may be difficult cause the naturally curly hairstyles they usually have are quite hard to deal with. However, I am not necessarily talking about long and heavy and very neat polished curls. During the recent runways widely known model Maria Borges came out with natural hairstyles for black women, short cut, very neat and quite sexy I must say. Since then the trends just go on developing the topic of wearing natural hair texture. And in this article I will try to represent some of the best solutions for popular hairstyles with authentic curls.

Naturally curly black hairstyles 2016

When the summer is almost here, you have to focus on you hairstyle for a moment. In the season of parties, going out and enjoying the sun you are obliged to wear a hairstyle not requiring efforts and time, and why not to choose natural curls?

Summer curly hairstyles for black women

Naturally curly black hairstyles  for summer 2016

I can argue forever with people who dare say that curls are boring. Of course hair may get frizzy and you have to use the right hair care products, but you are free to have the designs you want. It can be middle length, almost bob haircut, and for summer you can try adding caramel and honey highlights.

Medium length black curly hairstyles

Naturally curly black hairstyles

Bob Naturally curly black hairstyles Naturally curly summer hairstyles

As for me the medium ling hairstyles are the best for being curly. It is not difficult to manage them, like it happens with long hair, and it s not as hard as with short hair that me be running each strand its way every single morning. Just be daring to wear your authentic natural hair and update it with some cute ombre and highlighting solutions.

Naturally extra curly black hairstyles

Short naturally curly black hairstyles

Short curly hairstyles for African American women

Short and sharp naturally curly black hairstyles Naturally curly black pixie hairstyles 2016

Wearing hair extra short is not for everyone for sure. It is daring and quite extravagant. But damn it, it looks fantastic. There are some dubious opinions about women with short hair, but looking at the picture above, I think there can hardly remain any doubt. The short curly haircuts, like pixies, look spectacular. And for summer they are great, not making you sweat at all.

Box braids and twists from black curly hair

Naturally curly into box braids Naturally curly black hairstyles  into twists

And finally if you get tired of curls, you can always take a rest for a month or even two, by applying protective hairstyles for black women. Be it box braids, or twists, you will win some time to let your hair relax and rest. And at the same time you will look updated, fresh and yes, braids are awesome!