Stylish Men’s Haircuts For Fall/Winter 2017

What are the men's hairstyles for 2017? I bet you have already started thinking about it. With the modern trends so different from each other, form long male hair, to shaved sides with top knots, from buzz cuts to quiffs and pompadour hairstyles, one can hardly make out what direction to choose for the coming season. Well, one thing is certain - beards are still on-trend. Perhaps not the thin ones that were mainstream some seasons ago, but more dense ones. Yeap, the lumbersexual trends of a forest guy spotted in an elegant suit in streets is damn popular. But the below pictures will show you the real hair trends that will become mass soon enough.

short haircuts for men 2017

We are talking about stylish short haircuts for men for fall/winter 2017. Not extra short with almost no hair, but the classy undercut hairstyles, with the front part left a little longer, so that a man can style it backwards or side swept and well gelled to look official, or leave tousled and wavy to flirt with girls.

Side swept male undercut hairstyles

men's short haircuts for fall-winter 2017

short stylish haircuts for men

sunglasses and men's hairstyles

wavy hairstyles for men

The times when a man was called a man just because he was born so are long gone. Now a man should prove it with his deeds, activity, position and also style. That is why a present day man should look this much awesome.Business style, with shirts and suits, not very elegant to leave some piece of casualty, and with gorgeous hairstyles, side swept, short cut and quite manly.

Short quiff hairstyles for men

stylish pompadour hairstyles for men

stylish men's haircuts for fall-winter 2017

Undercut hair now suppose huge front part that is mostly styled in a quiff or the so-called pompadour hairstyle. This means hair styled upwards and wrapped in a front wave. If you are that stylish guy, add a peculiar highlight on that front strand, to be different and sexy.

Lumbersexual male hair trends 2017

beard and short haircuts for men beards and short male haircuts lumbersexual hairstyles for men

When I say beards, you might be imagining the tough guys, with biceps and fabulous abs, wild and unruly, but here you are to see the most elegant and attractive guys with beards and short haircuts. Some style faux hawks, the other slicked back hairstyles, and combined with suits and autumn  jackets form ultimate collections on-store, they obtain the glamorous looks of a modern man. These are the hair looks that each guy should know and start considering for his image in the coming fall and winter and even SS17 season.