Short Pixie Hairstyles Of Our Times

There has always been something extremely charming about short haircuts for women. Rebel, daring, independent and confident. These are the words that describe the woman who cuts her hair short and boasts all the benefits of it. There were times when women were obliged to wear long hairstyles only. Thank goodness, this period is long gone and now we are free to choose the look we want. However, from year to year, even from season to season short pixie hairstyles undergo variations. Do you remember Jane Fonda? Her sassy bobs or elongated pixies are not that trendy nowadays. Even though they look good if it is completely your style. Instead, nowadays modern pixie cuts have layers that fuse into each other and create dimensional look with no layer made distinct.


Anyways, the pixie of our times is quite different from its ancestors that lived their popularity in 60's. Nowadays we see messy, untidy variations, both extra short and long too. So scroll down through this article to find out the most relevant ideas on modern pixie cuts.

Brunette pixie hairstyles

anne-hathaway-short-pixie-hairstyles short-black-pixie-hairstyles

Quite many things depend on color too. I bet you know it. There is a great difference between blondes and brunettes, and brown hair color owners that stand aside. You need to decide which side you belong to. However, when going for a shorter cut,perhaps you will want to drastically change color too. Well, the above brunette pixies are a good example to follow.

Long pixie hairstyles

shailene-woodley-short-pixie-haircuts bold-short-pixie-cuts long-pixie-hairstyles


There is a hair length that seems to be caught between short pixie and normal bob. Some may call it short bob, the others - long pixie cut. So once you short style grows out, give it a chance to convert into another hairstyle. Still, if you are bored, play with color then. Warm chocolate shades will be a good complement for cold winter season.

Short pixie hairstyles for blondes

charlize-theron-short-pixie-cuts sassy-short-pixie

Platinum blonde pixie haircuts are among the trendiest look. Simply because the ice cold color for hair became extremely popular last summer. And until now women all over the world go on dyeing and bleaching their hair. Well, it looks nice on any pixie length - very short and grown out. So your short pixie hairstyles can now be converted into a most modern look and underline your best features as all short cuts do.