Try Short Curly Hairstyles 2017 For Any Occasion

We usually think that curly hair is fun on the one hand, but it has some shortcomings on the other hand. What we are sure if is that curly hair has limits in hairstyles, and there are only few styles we can adopt. Above all, if you are a lover of short tresses, then you may think that you will have to stick to one style forever. Thank goodness, this is not true! New short curly hairstyles 2017 will reveal to you several great ideas on how you can cut and style your unruly coils. Indeed, there are several ways to wear the great short pixie, the chin length bob, or the shoulder embracing lob. So if you have a pixie now, you can easily wait t get it to bob length, and vice versa.

best short curly hairstyles 2017

This post will introduce some recent ideas spotted on celebrities and around the web. From natural short pixies that smoothly can turn from day into night look, from soft waves to tight curl on bob cuts.

Curly bob hair ideas

Susan Sarandon curly bob hairstyles 2017 short bob wavy hairstyles

curly bob hairstyles 2017 Alexa Chung wavy bob hairstyles 2017

Bob hairstyles come in first place. Why? Obviously, they are on the heights of the popularity. Celebrities, actors and actresses, top artists o for this glam hairstyle. And we all need to follow them. Indeed, bob is so cool. Even if you have inborn tight curls, you will look awesome with this length. Yes, the zest is in the length. It allows you to show off you texture and hair color and type. Besides, it is short enough to prove you are smart enough too.

Pixie short curly hairstyles 2017

short curly pixie hairstyles 2017


Audrey Tautou iconic curly pixie haicuts 2017

Once you choose to go shorter, you will never want to change your style again. Short curly hairstyles 2017 represent the old good pixie cut with a modern touch. You don't need stretch your tresses any more. Just cut the length you love and enjoy it. Let your coils run the direction they want. That will create a unique look for you that no one else has. Actually, if you have not tried to go this much short before, now is the time. Cause hair trends 2017 sport extremely natural looks and your inborn curls will be very to the point. Let alone, that it will cut in half your efforts and time you usually spend on styling.

Street style short curly hair

short curly pixie haircuts

At the end, a couple of looks spotted in streets. Spring is coming, so take out your sunglasses, choose a wild bright lipstick and get the short curly pixie.