Pretty Short Haircuts For Spring 2015

Girls with long hairstyles very rarely dare to chop off their gorgeous tresses and start a new life with modern short haircuts 2015. This is all just fear to have a style that will not be feminine and versatile. But the truth is that many women look even better with shorter hair. Remember Rihanna celebrity hairstyles. She has gone through all the hairstyles ever invented, but best of all she looks with short haircuts. So let's not fear, and looking through the hairstyles gallery below, get some inspiration to rock this spring 2015 with ultra hot short cuts.

Miley Cyrus Short Haircuts 2015 Audrey Tautou Short Haircuts 2015

Short haircuts are unique because they are easy to maintain in every day life, yet they are not boring at all. You can have them styled casually to go out in daytime, and you can create cite looks for evening parties by adding some hair accessory or slicking hair back. Miley is among the celebrities that no matter the hair trends 2015 has her short haircut proudly, and it suits her very much. The same is about Audrey, her fluffy short curls being her signature hairstyle. Celebrity Short Bob Hairstyles 2015

Rita Ora Classy Short Bob Haircuts 2015

Lily Collins Shaggy Bob Short Haircuts 2015

Bob hairstyles stay popular regardless of time and tendencies and spring summer 2015 season will still introduce us more modern design for bob haircuts. The blonde vintage looks of Ora state that bob can be elegant and classy, while the other shaggy bob haircut looks more trendy and modern, and deep brown hair color makes it even more attractive.

Short Blonde Haircuts 2015

Carey Mulligan Short Haircuts 2015 Michelle Williams Short Haircuts With Bangs 2015

If you sport blonde hair color then short hairstyle can't frighten you and keep away from having extra fashionable looks. The cute and neat short haircut of the star of "The Great Gatsby" is the style that fits her a lot and shows off femininity and tenderness. While if you want to look more sexy and elegant, try having asymmetric short haircut and longer bangs.

Teen Short Hairstyles 2015

Willow Smith Short Haircuts 2015 Kylie Jenner Short Haircuts 2015

For teenage girls short hairstyles are a topic that they can discus forever, cause short hair can be daring and extravagant and boost individuality and character. And we all know that teens like expressing themselves. Choose a Mohawk hairstyle like Willow Smith to look funky, or try ombre hair color on you bob. For teens ombre can vary among brightest hair colors.

Ombre short haircuts 2015

Italia Ricci Short Haircuts 2015 Zendaya Coleman Sharp Bob Short Haircuts 2015

On short hair making ombre highlights can be a hard task, so once you make up your mind to have ombre, choose a pro hairstylist. And if you can't dare to handle yourself to ombre and any other highlighting, you can choose having deep pure hair color that is actually very trendy this year. The graphically cut bob with definite sharp lines looks best with deep brown hair color.

So no matter teen or grown up, you can choose any of the popular short hairstyles, appropriate to your taste and lifestyle, you just need to dare and cut the long hair and convert into a new person with new style and vision of life.