Leonardo DiCaprio Hairstyles Makeover

Another Oscar's Awards 2016 are coming forward and we are all eager to know one thing - whether Leonardo DiCaprio will be nominated this time finally. Being a brilliant actor he has gone a long way through a huge makeover of a small cute guy in "Titanic" to a the dramatic insane in Inception, to a charming wealthy men in "Great Gatsby", and I can't go on telling all about his spectacular roles, cause we are here to go through his mens hairstyles and on the whole the evolution of his Hollywood image and character. To tell the truth the celebrity hairstyles of Leo have not undergone too much change, they almost remain the same, but the way he wears his statement short haircuts really did change.

Leonardo DiCaprio Mens hairstyles

Actually through years we face the same hair color, the same short haircut, the same layers, the same technique, still adding a tiny beard and trying a deep side parting and accurately combed hair, changes a lot. Let's see now how from sweet boy to turn to a mature men.

Leonardo DiCaprio 2016 hairstyles

Leonardo DiCaprio celebrity hairstyles 2016 Leonardo diCaprio celebrity hairstyles 2016

Let me start in the reverse order, cause the most charming celebrity look of his is the one he has now. Well, this is to me but I am sure, ladies, you will agree with me. By the way, I can't miss out that he is one of the most wanted single guy in the world, and with these manly hairstyles so strict and glossy, Leo becomes very attractive.

Leo DiCaprio celebrity looks in 2014

Leonardo diCaprio celebrity hairstyles 2014

The truth is that this image Leo has adopted for several years already, and it is not changing much, just some little trifles that only make it more grown up and manly and seductive for us, girls!

Leo Celebrity hairstyles Jango Unchained

Leonardo DiCaprio celebrity hairstyles 2012

An unexpected makeover in Leo´s celebrity hairstyles occurred in 2012 when he was preparing for “Jango Unchained”. A thick beard and darker and longer hairstyle to fit the atmosphere of 1800´s and to create the dramatically correctly depicted image.

Mens hairstyles of Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo diCaprio celebrity hairstyles 2009

For the Inception movie whre the role was excellently played by Leo, no makeover was necessary. Hios traditional blonde short haircut, styled messy and youthfully and the masterful actor talent.

Men celebrity haircuts

Leonardo diCaprio celebrity hairstyles 2008 Leonardo diCaprio celebrity hairstyles 2007 Leonardo diCaprio celebrity hairstyles 2005

The change in the image started around 2005 when we came to see a mature men already, grown up from being the Titanic boy. His short haircut with layers remained the same, it was just styled more elegant.

Leonardo diCaprio celebrity hairstyles 2004 Leonardo diCaprio celebrity hairstyles 2000

Leonardo DiCaprio teen hairstyles

Leonardo diCaprio celebrity hairstyles 1999 Leonardo diCaprio teen hairstyles 1994

And here is how it all started. A thin guy, with blonde greasy hair, a bowl haircut. Very teen style, yet what we see now is really wirth attention and admiration. And at the end, I wan't to say: "Good Luck, Leo, this time you will get the desired statuette!"

Leonardo diCaprio celebrity hairstyles 1989