Exceptional Shaved Hairstyles for Women

Women are changeable and in our lives there always comes a moment when we want to change something, and very often this change refers to our appearance. Some try new make up, or outfit, the others concentrate on hairstyles, cause this is what can make a woman look different at once. Some of us can simply choose a new haircut, and go shorter for example, the others adopt modern hair colors, and some ladies may go to deep and seek for drastic changes. And the best variant here are shaved hairstyles for women that are particularly impressive. So if you want to look incredibly cool adopt these popular hairstyles with shaved sides, or nape, or the whole head shaved. If you can dare for sure!

shaved hairstyles for women

Shaved hairstyles for women can be designed on short and long hairstyles equally. They will convert you from a modest girl into a crazy lady vamp, that will be a real angel from one side with long hair and a sexy beast from the shaved side. Why not to experiment these hairstyles 2015 right now?

Short shaved hairstyles for women

short blonde shaved hairstyles for women purple shaved hairstyles for women

short Mohawk shaved hairstyles for women

Even if you have short hair you can play with your looks all the time. Leaving the crown part a big longer and shaving the sides, you can even try patterned sides, you will create the brave classy Mohawk hairstyles.

extra short shaved sides hairstyles for women extra short blonde shaved hairstyles for women

red shaved hairstyles for women

Or you can go extra short, and totally shave the sides and almost the whole head, leaving some patterns only. It will look sexy, to change this much.

curly Mohawk shaved hairstyles for women bright pink shaved hairstyles for women

If you choose a Mohawk, you are free to design the crown hair as you like, make it curly to look girlish and romantic or dye it with crazy hair colors. Anyway, shaved sides are a statement.

Long shaved hairstyles for women

Long shaved sides hairstyles for women long hairstyles with shaved side shaved side long hairstyles for women

bright red Mohawk shaved hairstyles for women

This special hairstyle is spectacular and unique. You must have much courage to choose it cause it reflects the two natures of your character. Angel and demon I can say. Shave one side and leave the other to be long, or shave two sides and the nape and leave the crown part.

Natural hairstyles for black women with shaved sides

natural shaved hairstyles for women natural shaved hairstyles for black women

We can't omit natural hairstyles for black women. The box braids and Senegalese twist are usually designed into high buns and many African American women choose shaving the lower part, not only to make life and styling easier, but to have astounding looks.

Creative cute shaved sides hairstyles

creative shaved hairstyles for women

For ladies that want to become badass but not too much, there are such cute solutions. You have the sides crop cut that looks almost like shaved and add soft braids along the line of your Mohawk. It looks feminine and stylish.