Cutest Short Prom Hairstyles 2017

Just in a month the greatest event in the lives of all the graduates will come. Already now it s worthy to consider what look you will want to have, You know, in a life of a young lady, prom is something like a wedding. Really, it is the most important thing and you should look correspondingly. Plan your dress first, thing of makeup not to make it too loud and too grown up, and also consider hair ideas. For girls with long hair, there will be no problem. Meanwhile short prom hairstyles 2017 should really be planned beforehand. Well, I can't say hat short hair deprives you of styling opportunities, but in reality it makes it slightly complicated.

best short prom hairstyles 2017

To find out what short hair ideas celebrities will introduce, just scroll down this article. From updos, to all the way trendy bobs to shortest pixie, here are all the ideas you need to get the prom inspiration.

Short hair updos for prom

Lucy Hale braided short prom hairstyes 2017 Kirsten Dunst updo short prom hairstyles 2017

Julianne Hough short prom hairstyles 2017

Precisely for those who think that updo hairstyles are impossible on short hair base, please see the cutest styles above. One thing you can definitely do is to have braids. Skilled stylist will make the classy three-strand even on very short length. Another ting is to make curls and pin them into a tiny updo. And this is not the whole list. Actually, letting your imagination fly, you ca invent far more attractive looks.

Bob short prom hairstyles 2017

Anne Hathaway bob hairstyles for prom 2017

Camilla Belle bob hairstyles for prom 2017

black women short prom hairstyles 2017

Well, we know that prom is important and all that. However, I definitely vote for bob hairstyles. Indeed, short prom hairstyles 2017 are blessed with a chance to represent bob cuts. The best looks for solemn and official looks will be the extra sleek and straight center parted looks. Meanwhile to add some flirty and girlish touch, go for waves and wet effect bobs. On the whole, bob hairstyles are always nice, no matter how you appear to style them for some special occasion. They are super trendy right now!

Pixie hairstyles for prom looks

Scarlett Johansson short prom hairstyles 2017 Miley Cyrus short prom hairstyles 2017 jewel headpiece for short prom hairstyles 2017

Finally, if you have the shortest pixie cut on earth, you can still make it look different n the prom day What are the options? Blow up the mane like Miley. Yes, this will be the funky look. Create a messy pixie style and upgrade it with a princess crown. An easy style, yet with much grace and elegance.