Trendy Lob Hairstyles For A Cutest Look

The chin length bob haircuts that are going through a real winning period of time have brought to another trends. Quite naturally ladies who cut hair into shorter bob hairstyles, at a certain moment faced elongated bob problem. What to do now? Run to hairstylist and cut off to the regular short length? Or there is another option. You can stick to the new medium length that has its own name -  trendy lob hairstyles. These are the overgrown bob styles that have turned into a brand new mainstream trend. Thousands of women go for them once their bob grows out. Besides, when yo have long hair and want to go shorter but not too much, lob is a perfect length for that transitional period of life.


By scrolling down you will find some cute ideas on how to wear your long bob hairstyles and look trendy no matter what.

Blonde hair colors for medium length lob cuts

blonde-lob-hairstyles straight-blonde-lob-haircuts


Once you decide to go for lob there is another thing you should think over - you hair color. Actually, you can just cut off the tresses and already have a new look. But if you seek for a complete makeover, then think of combining platinum blonde hair colors with you new haircuts. Yes, the blonde that went viral last summer and is still so popular right now.

Hot brown hair colors for your trendy lob hairstyles

caramel-color-lob-hairstyles chocolate-color-lob-hairstyles

brown-wavy-lob-hairstyles solid-wavy-lob-haircut

As far as we are in autumn and winter has approached us very closely, I want to talk about warm color. The trendy lob hairstyles will become even better if for winter colds you dye them into chocolate hues. Yes, from milk chocolate, to caramel espresso coffee, these tones have the power to make you feel war and comfortable. So this can be a good choice for this season, Then for spring we will think of some lighter shades.

Long bob hairstyles with highlights

middle-part-straight-lob-hairstyles sensual-wavy-lob-haircuts beach-wavy-lob-hairstyles

Solid dark colors are good, but there can be various reasons why you should want to have fair hair color. For example, thin tresses. What to do in this case? Go for highlights. You overgrown lob will have a perfect length for playing with highlighting method and technique. This will allow you have the most fascinating color fusions like dark roots into butter and honey highlights and to completely ice blonde roots.