Celebrity Hairstyles: Growing Out Bangs

Once you go for hairstyles with bangs, you are convicted to tortures! Yes, I assure you. Just a fortnight after you have the fringes cut, they will start to grow out and make you nervous. Each day when you won´t be running across the rooms with scissors in your hands to cut the bangs away, will be a victory. Well, bangs are nice and for some face shapes irreplaceable, but if you have them for fun, and if a few days later you decide to grow them out, you will go through some tortures. I am not your psychologist to help stay strong and go through it, but I can show you some cutest celebrity hairstyles to fight with growing out bangs and stand the difficulties proudly.

Celebrity Hairstyles with long bangs

Hair trends 2016 state that you have to look natural no matter what, so take a look at the popular hairstyles below, from top models to actresses, from exquisite braids to the most old fashioned yet cute pins.

Dakota Johnson hairstyles with long bangs

Dakota Johnson celebrity hairstyles

To look romantic, tell you hairstylist to make some gradual layers over you semilong bangs. when wearing them center parted, you will this much pretty look.

Sienna Miller with pinned bang hairstyles

Sienna Miller celebrity hairstyles

If you appear in a hurry and have no time for styling, just pin you bangs back, the rest of hair can be left messy or a bit wavy. To make you look smashing even in this case, apply bright red lipstick.

Olivia Palermo wet effect bangs hairstyles

Olivia Palermo celebrity hairstyles

Even with the long fringe getting on your nerves, you can look awesome. Try having wet hairstyle, side parted and with a headpiece. The shellac effect will be even better.

Karlie Kloss braided bangs hairstyles

Karlie Kloss celebrity hairstyles

Braids are a good option to hide the undesirable bangs and have perfect hairstyle. And the versions of such braided bangs are really numerous. It can be side parting and classy French braids like Karlie has it.

Gigi Hadid hairstyles

Gigi Hadid celebrity hairstyles

Kendall Jenner Hairstyles

Kendall Jenner celebrity hairstyles

The world wide known top models also go through growing out bangs process. And they do it masterfully. The half updos in this case are very precious. They can be braided half updos, or buns. And they are all nice.

Kate Bosworth side braid and bangs

Kate Bosworth celebrity hairstyles

Here is another option to have braid and hide the long bangs - side braid and wavy hairstyle. Cute.

Suki Waterhouse retro hairstyles

Suki Waterhouse celebrity hairstyles

Why not go retro with your bangs? Easy and admiring, as if from 1920´s. The long bangs can be easily turned into lovely bouncy curls.

Zendaya wet hairstyles

Zendaya celebrity hairstyles

Hiding bangs has never been easier - just wear a wet hairstyle, comb bangs back and gel them. And here you are with ultra modern looks.

Chloe Morets cute hairstyles

Chloë Moretz celebrity hairstyles

Old and good pins are here to save you from the bangs. Wear hair messy and wavy and just pinn the flying bangs on one side. A bit retro, but pretty.