Celebrity Flirty Curly Hairstyles

The mainstream hair trends 2016 persuade us to stay natural and sport easy and simple hairstyles, leaving tresses as they are - straight and messy, relaxed and casual. Well, in many cases we get straight hairstyles and almost forget about the curly hairstyles that are awesome. For centuries curly hair has been considered feminine and attractive, all around world ladies were trying to obtain the best curls, wearing wigs in 18th centuries and making chemical curling later on. But some of us have authentic curly hair type, and we can boost the curls proudly, but instead we become slaves of the tendencies and go on straightening the gorgeous mane.

Best Celebrity Curly Hairstyles

Popular curly and wavy hairstyles are super sexy and seductive, they make you look quite playful and add some flirty twist to your image. On the one side you may look a bit chilidish and naughty, and ion the other very sensual. You don't believe me? Let's see the celebrity flirty curly hairstyles pictures now.

Celebrity long curly hairstyles

SALMA HAYEK Curly Hairstyles MADONNA Curly Hairstyles


Looking at the pictures we see fantastic images, yet I must say that Sarah's signature curls from Sex and the City are a bit out of fashion now. The curls look gorgeous but the highlights and it all seems not to fit the trends now. While not so fresh look of Madonna and Salma Hayek are on the contrary quite to the point.

FREDERIKKE SOFIE Curly Hairstyles SHAKIRA Curly Hairstyles

We can't pass by and neglect the statement look of Shakira. Her beehive curly hairstyles became legend. They look so natural as if she wakes up like this each morning. And yes this naturalness is so sexy!

VANESSA HUDGENS Curly Hairstyles

Celebrity curly bob hairstyles

KATIE HOLMES Curly Hairstyles KATE HUDSON Curly Hairstyles KIERNAN SHIPKA Curly Hairstyles

One of the most impressive trends of the current season is the bob haircut. But we face not ordinary classy cut that we used to see before. Bob has escalated to an all new level - the curly bob. Well, some may call it Marilyn Monroe look. And I will agree. The peculiar blonde and bob curly hair can be associated with the beauty icon in first place. But some solutions are very high end and modern. Like that of Khloé on the picture below - she is sexy, and she knows it, she is confident, and she has spectacular haircut and curly style.


Taylor Swift celebrity curly hairstyles

TAYLOR SWIFT Curly Hairstyles

Being curly and being sexy can be embodied and express in different ways. Taylor has chosen the retro hairstyles look. She manages to upgrade her image with modern trifles and to look like a a diva from 1920´s. Indeed, her bob curly hairstyle can be just adored and worshipped.