Best Hairstyles 2017 Resort Collection

Resort Collection fashion show is in full blossom now, but we can already analyze and determine best hairstyles for 2017 from the best designers on earth. What are the hair trends for the coming year? I am sure you have been asking yourself already, and today right now we will take a look at the first fashion event showing collections for the next seasons. After a short glance at all the collections and looks, one thing can be definitely stated - it is all about mid-parts. Yes, recently many celebrities have adopted center parted hairstyles, with loose hair, or ending in a low bun or ponytail, and these are the very hairstyles that flooded runways at Resort show.

Resort 2017 hairstyles

You may be killing yourself wondering why center parts, but I can easily explain this with their naturalness, their easy maintaining and styling. Besides, for greasy hair they are just awesome, cause slick hair is the most popular for mid-parts. No more lingering, let's have a look at best hairstyles 2017 Resort Collection now.

Mid-parts hairstyles from Resort 2017 designer collections

Delpozo mid parts 2017 Resort Versace center parted hairstyles 2017 Resort collection

Resort 2017 hairstyles - Mugler collection

Mid-parts seem to have won hearts of hairstylist and designers all over the world. They seem to be for everything, for any occasion, for any outfit. Should you have a Delpozo dress, or Versace business outfit, or should you ear street style clothes going put to meet friends, center-parted hairstyles will be there to make yu look trendy.

Cedric Charlier slick mid-part hairstyles Resort 2017 Tory Burch mid part wavy hairstyles 2017 Resort

Even for a romantic date with summer flower print dress like that of Tory Burch, you can have that very mid-part long hair, just styled a bit wavy to add some more romance.

Michael Kors straight center parted hairstyles 2017 Resort collection

Going out on a cold fall day? No matter, your hair can be parted through center, left loose and straight, and that will be the most fashionable style.

Gucci mid parts at Resort 2017

Various curious hairstyles 2017 Resort

Marchesa mid-part hairstyles 2017

At very few runway shows we spotted a bit intrictae hairstyles. I mean this center-parted low ponytail with braids at Marchesa. It looks super cute with the dress as if from natural flowers.

Elie Saab casual hairstyles 2017 Resort

Looking closely at the hairstyles, we will see the definite fashion line and trend - naturalness. This trend is being sported for several seasons now, and each time the models look more and more authentic with less make-up, or the so-called nude make-up, and with hair as if not styled, bed head hairstyles.

DKNY short hairstyles from Resort 2017 Giorgio Armani short haircuts 2017 Resort

The majority of catwalkers have long hair at Resort 2017, but some designers love short haircuts and boast short haired models here and there. Well, this cant be called the main trend, yet short hairstyles have their place.

Marc Jacobs retro hairstyles 2017 Resort

And at last here is a model from Marc Jacobs retro collection. All the looks on his show were as if from 70's, with this corrugated hair, extremely much make up and cat eyes, and jeans and shining shoes.