Expressive Men’s Hairstyles With Highlights

Have you ever thought of adding some zest to your hair color? Yes, I am talking to you, men! I bet you haven't. Somehow the trends are going the way that hair highlights and ombre and balayage are women hairstyles prerogative. And men are left out. Well, before yes but nowadays men's hairstyles with highlights are quite very popular among men of all ages. Most often w see very subtle lowlights that resemble natural hair, just a bit sunburnt. Actually these are very masterfully realized highlights. Curious?


Then let's just get inside this post devote to men's haircuts and all new highlights. These new look will make you not only look different but feel different - more confident and unique with dyed strands that only you have.

Men short pompadour hair with highlights

men-brown-hair-color-with-highlights pompadour-mens-hairstyles-with-highlights


First of all let's consider short hairstyles. I do not mean buzz cuts and crops. Probably pompadour hairstyles for men are the most appropriate for dyeing. The front part being longer gives a space to experiment with lights. And a smart hair pro will create a masterpiece there. Besides, pompadour or quiff can be styled in many ways that will reveal your highlights in the best light.

Celebrity men's hairstyles with highlights

zayn-malik-hairstyles-with-highlights footballers-hairstyles-with-highlights


Who if not celebrities can inspire us to go for men's hairstyles with highlights? You may say it is too girlish. However, just a look on Ronaldo or David Beckham an drastically change your mind. Suddenly you will love dyed strand on your mane. A good example of highlighted hair is that of Zayn Malik. Actually now he is totally jet black, but these of his previous looks wit highlights are adorable. By the way, the key thing in men's hair highlights is the invisibility of them. Just looking natural.

Mens long hair with highlights

men-long-hair-with-highlights jared-leto-long-hairstyles-with-highlights

On long hair of brutal men highlights can look very cool. Jared Leto has adopted the ombre technique with the ends being much lighter than the base.

Men's colorful hairstyles

colorful-hair-highloights-for-men red-hair-highlights-for-men pastel-hair-highlights-for-men

At last, here are some colorful men highlights. So it is not necessary for you to stick to the base color and look for caramel highlights for brown tresses. So if you have the courage and the desire here are some ideas of pastel highlight, or of multi colored highlights for your hairstyle. An impressive option is to have an undercut quiff and dye into vivid red. A nice idea for summer time.