Check Out Party Glitter Roots Hair Trends 2017

Holidays are coming! It is official, it is December, and you can;t waste a single minute, find out the best hairstyles fitting the party looks - glitter roots hair trends 2017! What? Adding glitter to hair? Like I am a kid? Like I am from a Broadway musical? Well, not so much exaggerated but almost yes. The trend has started some time before and towards the Christmas party hairstyles it is a good option to consider. What you will need is obviously glitter, the rest is not that important. As far as we are now talking about New Year time, make sure to have glitter of appropriate colors like silver and bronze, festive and full of winter spirits.


Still thinking that this is a crazy trend to practice yourself? Well, lets go through some picture of hairstyles with glittered roots and you will see that some are quite elegant, while others are nothing but playful.

Mid part hairstyles with glittered parting

middle-part-glitter-root-hair-trends-2017 pastel-pink-glitter-roots-hair-trends-2017


As you could guess, the main idea is to have roots dipped with shiny glitter. Never try putting it all across the hair length. That will definitely look out of fashion and will be a sign of quite a bad taste. For middle part hairstyles this is an ideal option. You can leave hair loose without styling, add some gloss along the parting and that's it! You are ready to party now.

Braids and glitter roots hair trends 2017

boxer-braids-and-glitter-roots-hair-trends-2017 cute-braids-and-glitter-roots-hair-trends-2017


Surfing across the web, trying to find inspirational pictures of glitter roots hair trends 2017, I came a cross these very cute braided hairstyles combined with hair glitter. The look is definitely very festive and it will suite the X-mas moods a lot. Besides, you may forget about hair accessories for Christmas looks and just use the shine. I would advice going for very popular boxer braids, aka double braids. Glitter can be applied along the parting as well as along the plait itself.

Double bun hairstyles with glitter roots



You know, I know, everybody knows hoe extremely popular double buns have tuned recently, right? If you wear them evry day on your life routine, then do not fail yourself on holidays. For party hairstyles the double bun with shining roots is almost the best choice.

Wavy party hairstyles


Finally, for the ones who consider that glitter is meant for teens mainly, that it is quite childish, check out the bouncy Hollywood waves hairstyles with elegant deep side parting. And yes glitter roots there! My fav party hair this time!